Why Matcha Tea Is Good for You

Why Matcha Tea Is Good for You

When you first think about drinking matcha tea, it seems like a relatively expensive thing to do, especially when you compare it to your standard cup of tea. However, each cup of matcha tea is quite generous and has many different benefits that you might not expect. Here are a few reasons why you should consider drinking matcha tea every day.

The Reason Behind the Appeal of Matcha

Meaning that the reason behind the appeal of matcha is because of the full flavour that it packs. Unlike other teas where you might have a slight hint of flavour, or no flavour at all, with matcha you get a very strong flavour that isn’t too unlike cocoa. Because of this similarity, many people who try matcha for the first time say that they don’t like it, however, they soon come to enjoy the taste and feel healthy thanks toMatcha

What is Matcha

When you hear the term “matcha”, what comes to mind is usually green tea leaves and not necessarily the idea of a sweet tasting herb. However, when completed Preparation HISTORY®, we find out that it is in fact a kind of herb called “bitter melon” that tastes very much like watermelon.

Bitter melon is an herb that comes from East Asia and can be found in both summer and winter harvest months. It is seen as a floral ornament in many homes and can be eaten raw or cooked. When prepared as a beverage, it becomes incredibly popular as well since then there would be less waste since only the flavorful parts will be used.

How Does Matcha Taste?

Thanks to how we process flavouring teas in Japan, mixing pure Japanese green tea with natural eco-flavours gives roughly similar results as using Matcha instead (1). In other words, using Matchcay does not give our cups of tea any additional flavour aside from what we already experience in our daily lives. While some may see this as a bad thing due to being wasteful, thosewho enjoy the taste of Matchcay will certainly appreciate this since it means they get more out of their cup of tea.

What are Some Benefits?

Boosting Energy Levels: As expected, given its high caffeine content (like most things worth doing), morning cup o’ teas can help boost your energy levels and make you feel more awake than usual. Thanks to how Kamineology® works in your body, you won’t experience any withdrawal symptoms when you decide to stop drinking morning teas (2).

Brain Benefits: Caffeine is known to increase alertness and improve brain function (3). Similar to how coffee improves the performanceof people on stimulants such as Adderall®, Matchongia® can improve the performanceof people on their smartphones! Whether you power through your workday with lots of energy or just need something to keep you energized throughout the day, morning coffees are definitely your best option!

Lowers Cholesterol: Due to its high level of antioxidants,[4], which are also present in abundance in black olives,[5], research has shown that consuming matcha can help significantly reduce cholesterol levels (6). Even if You don’t eat anything else chcolate free (which is definitely recommended), eating black olives along with enjoying some afternoon matches can significantly decrease your cholesterol levels over time. lipid

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