When It comes to Green Tea, What Are Some benefits?

When It comes to Green Tea, What Are Some benefits?

There are many different benefits to drinking green tea, and as time goes on, you might find that you have an intolerance to coffee or caffeine. This is a good thing, as having an intolerance to something means that your body is responding well to it and you should continue drinking it everyday. Here are a few of the benefits of drinking green tea every day.

It is a Natural Source of Caffeine

As mentioned before, drinking green tea is a great way to improve your daily caffeine intake. Caffeine is known to be a very good antioxidant and it has been shown to increase energy levels in people who are dieting.

It has a Unique Flavor

If you haven’t already tried drinking green tea, then you probably wouldn’t guess that it has much flavour at all. There are some teas out there that have a very strong flavour, like strawberry or lemon, but GREEN TEA doesn’t quite have the same flavour as those kinds of teas. Instead, it has a kind of grassy flavour to it that isn’t too bad at all! I personally love the taste of green tea, and I think that everyone should give it a try at least once. You might just enjoy the unique taste of green tea.

Fights Aging

Dietary flavanols (the natural chemicals found in fruits and vegetables) help turn off genes responsible for aging Usual processes that occur in our bodies as we age include increased expression of proteins associated with aging such as collagen and elastin, decreases lipid production by our liver and muscles, and decreased immune function. Flavonoids in particular have been linked to helping prevent against the effects of aging because they can block the binding of protein molecules to DNA which can lead to genetic damage if these proteins aren’t bound tightly enough.[31]

Lowers Cholesterol

The most popular use for green tea is arguably how it can help lower cholesterol. The flavonoids in green tea can interact with our cells in such a way that we can change the way that we produce cholesterol. In fact, lab studies have been done on mice showing just how effective this process can be. With just one dose of flavonoid containing Green Tea extract, their cholesterol levels improved significantly compared to control groups.[32]

Cancer Prevention

Many people believe that consuming lots of antioxidants will lead to a longer life and keep them from getting cancerous diseases. However, research hasn’t quite proven whether or not increasing your intake of antioxidants reduces the risk of cancer occurrence or not. That said, there seems to be some evidence supporting this belief and since we know that smoking cigarettes increases your risk of cancer tremendously (and quitting smoking), then supplementing with antioxidants might also decrease your risk factor for cancers later on down the line. [33]

Why Shouldn’t I Just Drink Starbucks Green Tea?

While Starbucks does make an excellent cup of coffee (sorry hipsters!), I believe that their Green Tea isn’t quite up to par with many other brands out there. When comparing prices between stores (because let’s be real), then buying from somewhere else is going to be more expensive than buying from Starbucks headquarters (well…except for Australians). However, when comparing quality between brands, then I believe that Starbucks falls short slightly compared to other brands. That being said, their price point on specialty drinks is high enough where even though one glass isn’t as good as another brand, you would still end up spending more money if you wanted top-of-the-line quality beverages each day!

What Else Can You Use Green Tea For?

Green tea can be used for so much more than just making yourself feel awake during your morning commute! There are many different dishes that you can create using only green tea as an ingredient. Here are a few examples:

Tea Eggs – Scrambled eggs cooked in brewed up green tea gives this dish plenty of nutritional value along with being able to hold off against thirst until breakfast time! To boot bonus points for saving on cooking oil each month since cooked eggs are mostly cooked in oil anyways 😉

Ginger Ale – If you aren’t into spicy foods but still want the health benefits of regular teas, ginger ale is a great option for you! It doesn’t contain any sugar so you don’t have to worry about adding anything else into your diet besides calories from tealeaves! 😉

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