What’s Green Tea Good for You

What’s Green Tea Good for You


Green tea is a very healthy beverage, and has many health benefits for you and your family. Being able to taste what’s actually in the tea can be difficult, especially if you are using high-quality green tea. Here are a few things that green tea is good for you:

Stress Relief

Everybody has times where they are feeling stressed, and cannot do anything about it. Stress gives you feelings of anger, hopelessness, doubt and confusion, and taking a break from stressful events or people can help relieve some of these emotions. Drinking green tea can help relieve stress and allow you to take care of some business or have a meeting without having to worry about being late or worried about the consequences of not being able to stop drinking all together.


Detoxifying your body means getting rid of all the chemicals you put into your body, so that your body can return to normal functioning. Drinking lots of water is one way that you can detoxify your body, but green tea can also aid in the detox process. The flavonoids in green tea boost the effectiveness of liver enzymes in breaking down stubborn substances like caffeine, alcohol, and toxins that we put into our bodies. This process is known as oxidation and will turn any waste substance into energy that we can use. When we drink green tea, it goes straight to our liver, which is why people say that drinking high-quality green tea will give you more energy than coffee does.

Skin Health

Our skin is one of the most important parts of our bodies because it primarily shows outside factors how healthy or unhealthy we are doing. Whether we’re hotheaded or coldhearted doesn’t really matter when it comes down to our health since our internal temperature is what matters most. Everything else (coffee consumption etc.) depends on how we feel on the inside, so having good skin health is incredibly important for everyone. Catching some Zzz’s after a long day isn’t too uncommon, but for those who sleep through their morning routine, they likely haven’t been sleeping enough overall. Teatoxes contain natural ingredients that can help improve skin health and wake up your skin so that you may look younger than your age group suggests.

Joint Pain Relief

If you suffer from joint pain or osteoporosis, then drinking teatoxes with muira puama may be of interest to you. This ingredient has been found to reduce joint pain and improve bone density by up to 36%! If you need any extra healing after suffering an injury teatoxes could be of great benefit to you as well since it boosts the immune system and allows your body to heal through proteins and minerals found in teatoxes.

Energy Boosting

Like I said before, everybody needs some form sugar/protein/energy drinks once in a while but eating teatox foods every single day can be a great way to get energized and keep yourself going throughout the day. If you eat sufficient amounts of protein during breakfast then teatoxing probably isn’t necessary but if you want to have the strongest possible cup of coffee then combining a protein shake with your morning coffee is just what you need to do! For an afternoon pick-me-up mixing some chocolate protein powder with half a banana should do the trick as well! xx lifestyleandhealthtipsxx

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