Top 10 Green Tea Options near You

Top 10 Green Tea Options near You

Whether you’re a fan of green tea or you just started experimenting with different forms of tea, then you might have come upon a kind of tea that you didn’t know existed. Or maybe you’ve been drinking green tea every day and want to try out some new things, like piping it or putting sugar in it. No matter the reason may be, here are some options for green tea that you might not have known about.

1. Green Tea Soda

Soda and tea aren’t necessarily thought of together, but if you enjoy soda and iced tea on a regular basis, then you will certainly enjoy trying out a glass of green tea soda. There are many different kinds of green teas that can fit the bill when it comes down to your favourite soda brand being available in a glass jar filled with fresh green tea. Tryout more than one kind and see which one you like best!

2. Iced Green Tea Latte

If you love coffee but don’t enjoy the taste of dark roasts or want to try something new, then an iced green tea latte is the right choice for you. While they do contain some caffeine, it isn’t nearly as much as an iced coffee would contain, and the flavour is quite different from regular coffee. Try out both coffees and creams and see which one you prefer!

3. Honey Green Tea

Sometimes people add honey to their oatmeal or drink honeycomb water, but never has honey been put into a glass of green tea until now. If you love sweet foods but don’t care for drinking anything too heavy, then this option is perfect for you. Not only will it taste great, but it also has lots of health benefits to boot! Depending on what kind of honey you choose, this drink could also be loaded with antioxidants and healthy omega fatty acids.

4. Ginger Green Tea

If spice is something that you enjoy in your food, but not so much in your drinks, then ginger green tea is an excellent choice for you. It tastes great even though there are plenty of spices in it, and the benefits for using spices in your drinks are immense. Not only will it taste great, but it also has tons of healing properties thanks to all the roots and stems that are used in its creation. Whether yourself or someone else at least partially cooks up the herbs and roots used to make this drinkable form doesn’t matter; they are still very efficacious when consumed raw.

5. Vanilla Green Tea

If none of the above options catch your eye or fancy, then going with a vanilla-flavoured green tea is definitely a good call. While chocolate might be the flavour that most people think of when they think about vanilla, there are plenty of other flavours that vanilla can bring to the table as well (such as cookies & cream). Give any one of these a try next time you crave something sweet!

6 Last-Minute Options for Drinking Green Tea

If none of the above options work for whatever reason (they don’t taste as good compared to preparing gourmet drinks), then consider giving last-minute options a try: ice cubes filled with lemonade or limeade (if those aren’t available where you live), blending water with zest from half a grapefruit instead of lemon zest, or simply brewing up some strong herbal teas to fill up your cup (like mate de león).These shouldn’t be considered first-line solutions to your problem however; depending on how much caffeine is content within your beverage, these could possibly cause some pretty serious side effects if overused/diluted excessively. That being said, once served they should be fine to drink; just don’t go overboard on them!

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