The Best Teas for Weight-Losingly Good Health

The Best Teas for Weight-Losingly Good Health

Teas are a great way to get the nutrients that you need, without having to eat food or drink liquids. Drinking iced teas is a popular way to get your tea, but sometimes you want a nice warm glass of tea on a cold day, or you don’t want coffee with your tea. Whatever the case may be, here are the best teas for weight-losslly good health.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the best drinks for weight-lossilly good health, and it has very few calories compared to most foods. In fact, drinking green tea can actually help you lose weight, as long as you aren’t consuming too much sugar through your diet. Green tea contains caffeine, which will give you energy and supplemenr your body by increasing metabolism.

If you aren’t used to drinking green tea, then start with less than recommended and work up to it. Consuming too much green tea can cause nausea, and throwing up after drinking green tea is a pretty common side effect. Once you get used to drinking green tea, then you can make healthier choices when it comes time to order dessert or alcoholic beverages.


Coffee may be another drink that YOU should try if you are trying to lose weightygood health. It contains enough nutrients to heal yourself up after a workout and can help keep you awake during long days at work. Don’t drink coffee before bed though; that will only make falling asleep difficult and can cause insomnia. Coffee also contains caffeine, so even if you don’t have any sugar or starch in your system, you will still feel some effects of caffeine thanks to this product being stored in your body fat.


You might think that chocolate would be really high in calories, but it isn’t quite as bad as some other foods when it comes down to losing weight ygoodityHealth). In fact, chocolate actually has lots of nutrients in it that your body needs if you are trying to lose weight ( Fiber , Caffeine , Phosphorus , Protein etc.). Adding some dark chocolate into your diet every so often can really bump up the results that you are getting and give you the strength and confidence that you need to succeed!


If you haven’t tried granola yet, then now is definitely a good time to start! It is incredibly healthy for you and can be used instead of cereal if you are making breakfast at home every morning. You can also buy granola bars at the store; those tend to be full of more processed stuff but eating just the oats themselves will provideyou with plenty of oat goodness anyways.


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