The Best Tea Certifications for 2019

The Best Tea Certifications for 2019

If you love drinking tea, then you might have heard about the tea certifications that you can get. There are a few different tea certifications that you can get and each of them can help you out in some way when you are trying to open up a tea business. Whether you want to call yourself aTea Master or just want to create a job for yourself that allows you to drink tea all day, then becoming certified in at least one of the major categories is a good start. Here are some of the best Tea Certifications that you can get if you want to lead an easy life as a teacutter.


Associates degrees are the most common kind of degree that you will find in a teacutter. These kinds of degrees aren’t too difficult to come by, and getting one will put you on track to becoming a master of your craft. These programs typically take around two years to complete, and will guide you through every step of how to run a successful tea business. In this kind of program, they don’t teach nearly as much about the science behind how teas work, but rather focus on how businesses work and how to expand your business side projects into something large enough to be considered a business.

Master Teaches

If speed is what you desire, then going with an associates degree may not be enough. If you want to be the best at what you do and have the biggest impact on your community, then going with at least a Master’s degree in Tea is required! These types of degrees take around one year per year and are generally completed within five years. The amount of time that it takes to finish these degrees varies from person to person, but it usually takes around nine months per year if your school gives You six days off per weekto complete your studies.

Doctoral Degrees

If none of the previous degrees interest you, then going with a doctoral degree might be an option! These kinds of degrees take approximately three years longer than an associates degree and around twelve months per year.

Business Management

Being able to think fast on your feet is one of the most important things that should come natural to anyone when they decide to go into business for themselves. Learning how to manage people and ideas while also taking notes and doing research before hand is critical when wanting to become an entrepreneur or create something from scratch. Having knowledge in multiple areas is also key when wanting to achieve success in any area, so being able To learn different languages and play multiple roles is important if you want to command respect in any field Cape Town Consultants

CPR Training

Basic life support training is required if you want anybody else other than yourself near where food or drinks come from. There are many ways that someone could try and give CPR without properly training themselves, but if they don’t have basic life support training, they won’t be able perform CPR on anyone else unless their doctor prescribes it for them.

Food Handling Certification courses

There are many places where food is handled Wholesome meals kitchens are but some foods require more care than others When preparing meals for many people can ruin the taste buds forever, so it only makes sense that we would train someone in how not only To handle our food safely but also how we want our food presented Safely cooking with hot oils isn’t something that everyone wants done however learning how not only detection but also prevention comes into play here Social Media Monitoring Software trackable

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