The Best reasons to drink green tea

The Best reasons to drink green tea

Drinking green tea has been shown to have plenty of health benefits, especially when you are trying to achieve certain goals in your life. Whether you are trying to get rid of some stress, become more healthy, or just want to have a little bit of fun every once in a while, drinking green tea can help you out in your goals and make you feel better almost immediately after drinking it.

Here are the best reasons to drink green tea.

It is Healthier than Drinking Coffee

Coffee is a very popular drink, but did you know that it is not actually that healthy? In fact, coffee can be pretty unhealthy if you drink too much of it. Green tea, on the other hand, is one of the most healthy drinks that you can get into if you are looking for something to improve your health.

A study was done back in 2012 where they had a group of people drink different kinds of beverages and then checked up on them periodically to see how they were doing. One month after drinking their beverage of choice, the participants would visit again and rate their healthiness based off of how they felt and what they believed ate healthy should look like. The participants who drank green tea showed significant improvements in their healthiness compared to those who didn’t drink green tea.

It Has More Catechins than Coffee

Catechins are a type of antioxidant that are found in many fruits and vegetables. They are basically compounds that are found in plants and animals that we eat that give us some kind of health benefit when we eat them. In this case, catechins give us an energy high and help with weight management since caffeine can stress our bodies out and put weight on if we consume too much caffeine. The biggest source of catechins is found in red wine but hami lemons also contain enough catechin content to give you a hightened energy feeling from drinking red tea.

It Can Help You Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, then switching over to drinking green tea may help you quit smoking since it will make your body produce more adrenaline which is what your body uses when you smoke instead of producing chemicals within your body that bind together into nicotine for cigarettes.

It Can Help Reduce Stress

Drinking green tea can actually help reduce stress by releasing the hormone called “cortisol” which is what our bodies use when we are stressed out or anxious. When we are under stress or anxious, our bodies run pretty hot since they need to protect us against potential threats or aid us in getting what we want. Drinking lots of water can help cool down during these times but sometimes having a little bit extra release could be useful as well. If you have trouble sleeping, drinking any kind of caffeinated beverage before bed may cause yourself some sleep issues since caffeine tends to prevent people from falling asleep naturally (according to So if you need something to help you sleep, choosing regular green tea over maybe going camping might be worth it just so you don’t have to drive afterwards (since driving after drinking isn’t recommended).

ItCan Boost Your Moods

Let’s face it; everybody could use a little bit more happiness every now and again! Thanks to the natural herbine contents inside of green teas, including regular and jasmine teas, you can experience a slight boost in mood and relieve some stress thanks to this beneficial ingredient!

The Best waysto getmoregreenteainyourlife

There are many different ways thatyoucangetmoregreenteainyour life apart from just consuming it plain old hot! Here are some things thatyoucandoto increase your intake ofgreen Tea:

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