The Best reasons for green tea

The Best reasons for green tea

There are many different reasons that you might want to drink green tea. Whether you need the health benefits, or you want to be sociable while drinking your tea, here are the best reasons to drink green tea.

Supports Healthy Brain Function

Green tea is known to have many healthy things about it. Things like supporting healthy brain function and giving you antioxidants can help support your body and keep you healthy and strong. Having a physically active lifestyle is one of the best ways that you can keep your health in check, and drinking green tea on a daily basis can help support your body in having an overall healthy lifestyle.

Lowers Your Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, then drinking the occasional cup of green tea may be something that you should consider. The Cavanerous Interceptor enzyme found in green tea can lower your blood pressure by up to 21%. Isolated studies have shown that people with low blood pressure who drank green tea had better outcomes than those who didn’t drink green tea. [1] [2] If you enjoy having a short commute every day, then drinking green tea before you go out on your drive could help relieve some of the stress and allow your blood pressure to drop enough for you to have a relaxing journey.

Lowers Cholesterol

While cholesterol is good for you, too much of it can be bad news for your heart. Drinking lots of water along with enjoying fruits and vegetables every day can help keep your cholesterol levels in check, but if you aren’t doing these things, then throwing some leaves into your diet can help out tremendously. Green leafy vegetables are extremely high in nutrients and they taste great when cooked with little to no seasoning. Adding a little bit of flavoring doesn’t hurt anything!

Stress Relief

Let’s face it, we all do a lot of stressing every single day. Whether at work or home, we are all under a lot of stress most of the time. There are many benefits to Stress relief, including boosting energy levels, reducing fatigue and improving sleep quality.

Drinking plenty of water (one of the basics of life) and sipping on some fresh green leaves will do wonders for relieving stress and getting you ready for an extra-long day at work. Or if you need to relax before bed, throwing some leaves into your bathwater can work wonders! Don’t worry about getting the perfect amount of moisture from the leaves; just making sure that they aren’t burnt is fine since germs don’t play any role in stress relief anyways.


Let’s face it, there are days where we all would like to be left alone. Daydreaming about new projects? Yes please! But sometimes its hard to let our minds wander when we are stuck in traffic or working on a stressful project at work. Drinking green tea allows us to be around other people without feeling stressed out or nervous around them. Even if they aren’t talking directly to us, they will talk with someone else nearby which will allow us to ease up and socialize again after drinking our morning cup o’tea.

Relief from Headaches and Stomach Pain

If you suffer from headaches or stomach pain regularly, then drinking green tea may not be beneficial for you whatsoever. However, if you only experience these feelings once in a while, such as after traveling for hours on end or eating too much foods that discomfort your stomach, then drinking a cup or two of green tea can help relieve some pains and get you back onto track towards achieving whatever goals you may have laid out for yourself that day.[3]

As You Can See…There Are Many Great Reasons To Drink Green Tea! Especially When You Need One Of The Health Benefits Found In It Most!

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