The Best reasons for green tea use

The Best reasons for green tea use

There are many reasons that you might want to use green tea, whether that reason is to help you lose weight or because you enjoy the taste. Using green tea can have many benefits for your health and well being, and could potentially save you money in the long run, depending on how often you are able to get your hands on green tea.

boosted metabolism

The use of green tea has been shown to increase your metabolism by about 30%[1]. While this isn’t much, every little bit counts when you are trying to achieve something. Since using green tea can be relatively expensive compared to buying other drinks with calories, it is more beneficial for you to drink Green Tea rather than other foods or liquids that contain calories.

contains antioxidants

One of the most common ingredients in soda and many other drinks is sugar. Many people consume sugar and caffeine combination as a way to wake up and be alert, but over time your body becomes accustomed to having these things and they don’t always work in tandem with each other. Caffeine alone isn’t too bad of a thing, but the combination of the two can be quite bad for your health[2]. Fortunately, drinking green tea on its own doesn’t have nearly as big of an impact on your health as drinking it in combination with other things.

can decrease the amount of bacteria living in your gut

If you suffer from stomach problems or intestinal issues, then drinking lots of water and/or eating a lot more fruits and vegetables can be one way that you can relieve some of the pain. The process of pasteurization destroys a lot of the good bacteria in milk and all kinds of other beverages, but since hot water is required to make good quality green tea, consuming it just after boiling point will ensure that most if not all of the good bacteria are gone. Whether or not this makes sense on a biological level is up for debate, but it is at least worth a try!

can decrease stress

Since stress is what recurrently causes us harm and death, reducing our stress level through means such as yoga or meditation can be incredibly useful not only in our personal lives but also in terms of medicine. Studies have shown that increased levels of stress hormones are actually caused by decreased levels of antioxidants in our bodies,[3] so eating foods that increase antioxidant levels such as raw fruits and vegetables can help us reduce our stress level.

can help us sleep better

Something that I know all too well about is how difficult it is to fall asleep when I am stressed out about something. The release of chemicals that occur during exercise also helps us sleep better,[4], so making sure that we get enough exercise is definitely essential if we want to have a good night’s sleep. Consuming high-caffeine foods right before bedtime can also keep us up later than we would like to be[5], so keeping an eye on what we eat near bedtime can be tremendously useful in order to have a good night’s sleep.

As you can see, there are many good reasons why one would choose to use green tea instead of drinking sugar-based beverages when they want to have an energy boost or need something refreshing during the day. Caffeine itself isn’t bad for you (as long as you aren’t addicted), and consuming enough fruits and vegetables throughout the day will ensure that your body gets the nutrients it needs to function properly.[6] If one day goes by where you don’t eat any fruits or vegetables, then getting some green tea into yourself immediately following lunch might be ideal if you want to maintain optimal healthiness throughout the day. Whatever diet you follow, make sure that you are getting plenty of vegetables every single day so that your diet doesn’t become boring![7]

As usual, I hope this blog post has provided some useful information on why people choose to use green tea instead of some other kind of Tea when they want coffee style results without having to resort backto coffee! If You Have Anymore Questions About Why People Use Green Tea Instead Of Other Teas Or If You Want To Share Some Wisdom About Why You Use Green Tea Over Other Teas, Feel Free To Post Them In The Comments Box Below!


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