The Best Reason’s for Drinking Green Tea

The Best Reason’s for Drinking Green Tea

Drinking green tea has been linked to many positive health benefits, and iced tea made from green tea is one of the best ways to get those benefits without having to make any changes to your diet. Thanks to the endless amount of research that has been done on the subject, we now know that drinking green tea is good for you and can even help you lose weight. Here are the best reasons why you should start drinking green tea.

Good For Your Skin

Drinking green tea is great for your skin because it contains ecstacy which is a natural Phenolic Acid that is found in fruits and vegetables. Phenolic acids are good for your skin because they help rebuild collagen which is what your skin uses to hold onto water. Without enough water holding capacity in your skin, you can see yourself becoming more puffy and appear older than you really are. Ecstasy also helps build up the immune system and fight against bacteria and viruses, so having a glass of green tea with some sweetener every once in a while will keep you healthy across all aspects of life.

Lowers Cholesterol

Drinking green Tea provides you with low cholesterol, high fiber food groups and nutrients that your body needs to function properly. Because of this, drinking Green Tea can lower your cholesterol levels and give you a healthy outlook on life. If you are trying to have a healthier lifestyle, then making an effort to drink more Green Tea will definitely pay off.

Why Shouldn’t I Just Eat More Vegetables?

Eating plenty of vegetables is great for your health, but sometimes we simply do not have enough time to eat our vegetables or maybe we don’t want to eat too much vegetable side-dish. In these cases, drinking Green Tea instead of going without eating anything at all can be beneficial to our health goals. Not only will it provide us with the nutrients that we need, but it will also fill us up so that we won’t feel hungry later on in the day. This was especially useful when I was a kid and would get home from school relatively late as well as being able to sleep through lunchtime since I was so active during the day.

How Can Drinking Green Tea Help Me Lose Weight?

Drinking iced/room temperature/hot tea has been known to help people lose weight fast, but why would you want to drink plain old hot water when you could be drinking something that provides amazing benefits? The answer lies within the calories contained within each cup of green tea. Unlike soda or other carbonated beverages, which contain lots of sugar and artificial flavoring, regular ol’ hot water just consists of H2O (water). However, if you were to put some sugar into H2O then it would taste pretty bad and be extremely unhealthy for us humans to drink; that’s why most soft drinks aren’t made out of H2O alone. Now let’s hop into how exactly catechins work metabolismarily speaking… Catechins are naturally occurring compounds found in many kinds of fruits and vegetables that are supposed to help us increase our energy level and decrease our appetite quite a bit; however, due to how quickly our bodies process these things, they typically affect us within 30 minutes after consumption (although there are exceptions). Thanks to how quickly catechins work together with fat cells (instructive signaling), we experience nearly immediate results after consuming them (less than an hour). This kind of intermittent fasting is great for weight loss as well as reducing risk factors for disease acquisition such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.

In conclusion, whether you love or hate it, science has proven that drinking green tea is truly one of the best ways that you can improve your health! Try it out today; add some fresh lemonade or smoothies into your diet exclusively made up of green teas and see what happens!

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