The Best of Green Tea: Sugar-Free and Addictive

The Best of Green Tea: Sugar-Free and Addictive

If you’re looking for a way to get your daily caffeine fix while also doing your part in the green tea ceremony, then you might have stumbled upon green tea sugar. There aren’t too many supplements out there that combine healthy eating and exercise with an addiction to tea, but if you think about it logically, drinking a bunch of tea every day isn’t exactly going to hurt you any time soon, especially if you are making sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables every single day. Here are some of the best benefits of drinking green tea every single day.

Stress Relief

The most popular form of stress relief is by popping pills, but let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment; those pills aren’t really fixing anything. In fact, they are only making things worse by creating an addictive mind state and decreasing our cognitive functions. Instead of taking pills to relieve stress, we can simply reach for a cup of green tea and calm our minds through this natural method.

Even though it isn’t considered healthy to drink large amounts of soda or pop culture has conditioned us to believe otherwise, green tea is actually quite healthy for you. It is because of these unhealthy beliefs that society has about soda that I don’t consider drinking it every day to be beneficial. If you want to treat yourself and stress away, then drinking some green tea is surely the best way to go about it.

Computer Vision Syndrome

If you spend a lot of time sitting at a computer screen, then you might experience Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). This problem mostly affects people who work at a computer all day and looks like blurry eyesight and headache pain. Fortunately, there is something called green tea CVS relief that you can use before your session begins that will help ease the pains of CVS so you can enjoy your time working on the computer more.

Weight Loss

Drinking lots of water does wonders for your weight loss efforts as well as hydrates your body nicely between meals. Thanks to how hydrated their cells are, drinkers of green Tea tend to have fewer cravings and feel fuller longer than people who don’t drink tea. In fact, just one 8oz cup (227ml) contains about 100 calories which is enough energy to carry you until the next meal or till your ride/walk workout is done.

Brain Booster

Needing a little bit of brain food daily is normal, but when you need more than that, then switching over to drinking lots of green tea is the perfect thing to do! Thanks to the caffeine in green tea, you will stay awake and alert while using it instead of crashing after only having half-a-cup of coffee. Also since it is relatively low in calories compared to other drinks out there that contain caffeine, you will still feel full after drinking multiple cups of green tea throughout the day.

Caffeine Addiction?

If you are an addicting on caffeine consumption, then giving up on coffee and switching over completely to drinking GREEN TEA might be what you need! Since caffeine is naturally found in many plants and we humans aren’t able to properly digest it yet (we haven’t evolved enough), then adding another plant-based source such as GREEN TEA into your diet will make up for the nutrients that coffee isn’t providing and give you everything that you need out of one cupboard! Or maybe try combining both drinks; have half black coffee with half hot Green Tea? That way everyone gets what they want out of an afternoon or night cap!

As I mentioned before, these are just a few benefits that come along with regularly drinking GREEN TEA. There are hundreds if not thousands more that come along with regularly drinking any kind of herbal medicine/tea so do your own research before deciding that switching over from regular ol” teatips would be best for YOU! 😉

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