The Best of both Worlds: Coffee and Bagels

The Best of both Worlds: Coffee and Bagels

Both coffee and bagels are common in the US, and if you ask most people what they want when they go out for a break from their day-to-day life, then you likely are getting both sides of the same question. It may be hard to see the difference between a bagel and a caffeine hit, but it is important to know where your body gets its energy from when you are going out to meet up with friends or hang out at bars.

Making Coffee

Making coffee is very easy these days, if you have an espresso maker in your house. There are many more places that people make coffee now than before, and banks and cafes around the globe have made it relatively easy to make coffee on a regular basis without much trouble. Making coffee in a stovetop milk mug is probably the easiest way to make coffee on the other side of the world, as long as your US friend that lives in Australia knows how to make it without any complications.

However, making coffee in an espresso machine is still incredibly easy these days, just follow these steps for making iced coffee:

Put aside whatever space you are using for your machine. If you have an espresso maker on the counter, that is fine, however, an espresso machine doesn’t have as large of a surface area as some other kinds of machines do, so there isn’t as much room for tension to build up inside of the machine. Take off one quarter of the top sheet or towel between each layer of plates that you are using to prevent air from getting close to the machine. This step can be brutal towards dust and dirt but it is necessary if you want to get the job done right every time.

Examine each layer carefully. All layers within a cup aren’t supposed to breathe too much air, especially not after it has been processed into another product. Look at each layer carefully and try not to pick up anything but that should be obvious. Once you find everything that is worth picking up turn off all handles 1-2 inches away from your plate or bowl using tongs (depending on where you are eating) and move on to turning off handle 3 . This step takes roughly 12-18 minutes depending on which way you set up your plate or bowl. Don’t worry about flipping over pieces that aren’t breaking contact with the padlock before this happens; it takes longer than flipping over larger pieces because there isn’t as much space between them.

How To Make Bagels

Making bagels is pretty simple these days thanks to technology being spread throughout Europe over hundreds of years ago. The process isn’t too difficult either since following these steps has become quite popular over the years. If bagel recipes don’t fit your style then give us a email message at and we will be happy to help ya’

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