The Best Green Teas for Skinny People

The Best Green Teas for Skinny People

If you have ever been concerned about your skin, then you might have considered trying some green tea remedies to get your skin looking better. After all, tea is one of the most popular beverages on the planet, and it can be used as a way to get healthy and fit. That is why I decided to put together a list of the best green teas for skinny people. These teas are not only low in calories, but they can also help support your body in ways that other foods can’t. Let’s dive in!


Low calorie green teas definitely make the list! Even if you don’t think that much about what you are drinking, there is a reason that many restaurants and cafes use low calorie green tea instead of regular black or herbal tea. Because it is lower in calories, you can drink more of it without having to worry about piling on the pounds.


Having problems regulating your sugar intake? Then you might enjoy sipping on a little bit of green tea every once in a while. It has been found that consuming antioxidantrazy polyphenolic flavonoids called catechins with L-theanine will help improve your mood and allow you to better control how much sugar is entering your system. Giving yourself an occasional treat isn’t bad, but if you feel like you need them, then this will help tremendously.

FIGHT CANCER The biggest benefit of drinking green tea is that it is easily accessible and very cheap compared to some other foods that are high in nutrients that can aid with cancer treatment. Catechins found in many fruits and vegetables may help reduce the risk of cancer somewhat, but since green tea is so easily accessible and has such a small amount of catechin required to be effective, using green tea as an adjunct to your current cancer treatment program can prove to be quite helpful and save you money compared to buying new products for your treatment program.

STRENGTHEN YOUR BONES AND MINERALize DEFICIENCY Thinking about getting bones weak or osteoporosis causing nutrient supplements? Then consider drinking some fresh green tea every day! This plant based vitamin D (calcitriol) helps increase the mineralization of bones and provide us with necessary calcium to perform all of our critical tasks correctly. Having deficiency symptons such as feeling tired and being sick a lot could mean that you need more calcium than someone who feels healthy all the time, so making sure that you are getting enough calcium through diet and through supplementation can prove to be incredibly valuable when dealing with healing after surgery or preventing future surgeries from happening.

PREPARE FOR SPRING AND SUMMER SAVINGS Many people don’t like using supplements during the spring and summer months because their bodies produce plenty of Vitamin D3 anyways, however, those same people might not realize just how important Vitamin D3 is during these times of year. In fact, most dogs aren’t given supplemental vitamins until winter comes around because their bodies aren’t capable of producing their own vitamin D3 until fall arrives. This isn’t because sunlight doesn’t heal us or because we couldn’t survive without it, instead this is just something that humans do out of habit due to living in areas where there isn’t always sunshine throughout the year. If you live in an area with limited sunlight throughout the winter months, then taking Supplemental Vitamin D3 along with getting outside into sunlight should be high on your priority list at least once per month so that your body has everything it needs to be healthyand happiest during these months.

As you can see, there are many different purposes why one would want to drink green tea everyday. There are even studies out there showing how effectively it can combat some diseases such as cancer and fatty liver disease (which happens when you eat too much fat). Whether or not drinking green tea will aid in your health goals remains to be seen, however, assuming everything else stays equal between the two groups (such as exercise regimen), then going with the recommendation from doctors/scientists over consumer reports seems like the safer option.

As usual though, do whatever works best for you! 😀

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