The Best Foods to Eat for Healthy gut Health

The Best Foods to Eat for Healthy gut Health

When you are eating a lot of food and having a lot of meals, it can be hard to keep up with your weight loss goals. That is why it is important to have a program that you can take every day to keep your gut healthy and eat properly. There are many ways that you can track your food and how you are feeling after eating a certain amount, but for most people it is just through reminders of what I did on my diet?!

My diet has changed quite alot since I started going to the gym, so I’m hoping this post can help someone else who is looking for something different in their diet. Here we go!

Grilled Cheese

If you love grilled cheese but don’t have any good recipes for it, then go here to see how to make grilled cheese on GF bread. This will get all the Greek/Greek yogurt out of your stomach and give you a nice energy boost after dinner.


Pizza is one of the few foods that can really get me excited about eating pizza, even if I don’t eat it that often. It’s easy and quick to make and gives you some good energy during the day. The only downside to making pizza is that it tends to stick together very well, so if that happens very often, then make sure to clean up afterwards.


A burrito isn’t particularly good for you, but they do make them pretty cheaply compared to making an oven sized one. They are fairly filling as well, especially since they come pre-cooked in a container. These will give you some decent energy back from work or school depending on how often you eat them during the day. The only downside to these kinds of foods is that they aren’t as filling as a regular meal dish would be, so if you need more energy after working out or sleepers off during the night after having a big breakfast with eggs and hash browns, then try having a meal dish like this instead of an egg and hash brown recipe for better gelling process.

Salad Time

Salad time allows us all to catch up on things after we have eaten our meals, or at least before we had any serious work until now. A salad time will give all of us plenty of time alone to talk about things without worrying about getting into too much trouble later down the road. This kind of food will be kind enough to not throw anything in there unless its covered in oil or other fancy stuff; just because there is room doesn’t mean there has been enough cooking involved or else the salad wouldn’t taste as good as it does now.

Rudy’s Chili Rubbecue Sauce

Rudy’s chili rub barbecue sauce is one of my favorite snacks ever since I first tried budLinux (Linux) over ten years ago. This sauce gives me lots of energy during work hours when I am usually hungry and sometimes dryness (like when I go camping) can be due to insufficient cooking being done during the day. If nothing else happens (like when my wife cooks), then this will become my default choice whenever I am on the roads from house-to-house trying not just one person but also every household within two hundred miles between each other for extra-powered lunchtime snacks! Thanks Rudy’s for giving me some great snacks during those times! Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese should always be part of any diet plan because it contains lots and lots of sugar (and probably some salt). However ,since his website offers instructions on how he makes grilled cheese ,I decided to give grille cheeses a shot . His grill cheese tastes incredible and won over many people by simply using his spices instead of buying some premade crunchyeges .


Sometimes though I do have burger / microwave dinners at home , because those basically require at least SOMETHING in order to get going again after awhile . So far every year around this time period there has been an influx of people starting diets or changing their plate size drastically . It gets frustratingly hard knowing that burgers / microwaved dinners aren “always wrong” , especially if they contain fat or sodium –both common problems with traditional panini style fare . So once in a while though I do throw in something new into my diet !

As you can see, there are many different ways that you can change your diet or change your plate size different ways so that you don”t ever have to suffer with bad gut health . Let me know what changes surprised me about your diet! xo ~Penny

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