Matcha Tea with Honey and Matcha

Matcha Tea with Honey and Matcha

When you think of tea, you probably don’t think of honey and matcha. However, when you are feeling sick and need something sweet, with no chemicals or artificial flavours, then honey and matcha is a great option to satisfy your sweet tooth. With just a little bit of fresh cream and some fresh orange juice, you can create a wonderful drink that will help soothe your stomach and give you energy until the sickness goes away.

Start with Good Ingredients

The first thing that you should do when trying to create a nice cup of honey and matcha is start with good ingredients. Ingredients that aren’t fresh won’t taste as good and won’t produce as many flavour buds. Always start with what you know works and build up from there, but always start with the best product that you have available.

Use Fresh Ingredients

When you are making tea using honey and matcha, you want to use the freshest ingredients possible. The flavour of the tea depends on it, so using dried up leaves isn’t going to taste as good as using fresh leaves. Having said that, frozen leaves will still be quite flavourable, so if you happen to have some frozen leaves laying around, they can be used in place of their thawed counterparts. Even if you don’t have frozen leaves lying around, it is still better to use fresh leaves than not use any leaves at all!

Add Milk and Honey

Once you have your chocolate leafs and green tea processed to perfection, it is time to add the milk and honey. MILK! The natural sugar found in cow’s milk is what gives drinks like coffee and tea their sweetness. If you skip this step, your drink will be quite bitter (unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer). If you want a less bitter flavor overall, but still want to retain some of the original flavour of the tea, then using more honey will accomplish this goal.

Use Matcha

Matcha is a type of green tea that has been processed by hand which means that there are certain nutrients found in green tea that are not found in other kinds of teas. In fact, one study found that Matcha contained higher amounts of these healthy nutrients than eveninelli! Using matcha instead of regular green tea will flavor your beverage an extra layer and give it some additional health benefits besides tasting great. Depending on how much matcha you used, your friends might even be able to guess whether or not you used real cream! (If using frozen grass-fed butter for cooking purposes)

As You Can See…

There are many different ways that you can make honey matches with just a little bit of basic kitchen equipment. For most people who don’t own a candy thermomixer or similar device, however, sticking to more traditional methods will likely be best since they are relatively cheap compared to buying a candy thermomixer). With just a little bit of planning out beforehand, you can save yourself lots of money by not having to buy multiple dishes to achieve what ever effect desired parties may have wanted out of them.

If I haven’t made myself clear enough yet: Buy quality items and plan out what recipe You want to make ahead of time before starting on one project after another without stopping for a minute or two for respiration/oxygenation purposes! ;D

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