Matcha Tea vs Yerba Mate: Which is the Best Suitability for You

Matcha Tea vs Yerba Mate: Which is the Best Suitability for You

If you are a fan of the green tea, then you may have heard about yerba mate. It is a traditional drink that is made from leaves of the mate plant. While yerba mate does contain some caffeine, it is primarily used as a morning beverage to wake up and start the day. Since drinking matcha tea can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially when you are wearing your daily clothes, yerba mate may be the best option for you. Here are a few reasons why you might want to try yerba mate over other drinks.

Higher Priority

In order to get the most out of your money, time and energy, you should put your highest priority on things. In this case, that means giving up on expensive soda and trying out something new and healthy. If you enjoy drinking tea and using green tea in particular, then yerba mate could be a great way to start your day off right. Not only will it help energize you, but it also has plenty of antioxidants so that you can stay healthy and fight against the free radicals that are causing skin Conditions such as acne and age spots.

Lower Cost

Yerba Mate is quite cheap compared to other forms of caffeine sources. Since it is natural product, it doesn’t cost too much to make and provides a great taste without having too much caffeine content in them. Once you start adding other foods into your diet, like fruits and vegetables, which are both cheap as well, your diet will start to change and cost savings will come along with it.

Fresher Brews

If you love the taste of freshly brewed coffee or tea, then you will definitely love drinking yerba maté after brewing it fresh. Because it is an herbal supplement, boiling water isn’t required to cook it like regular coffee or tea requires. As a result, you won’t have to wait around for long periods of time for a cup of hot javainated goodness. You also won’t have to worry about storing spare filters or beans because they aren’t required for making the drink either.


If preparing food at home is something that you do often, then chances are high that you are eating healthier than most people who go out for lunch or dinner every once in a while. Making sure that everything that goes into your body is healthiest possible thing seems like common sense but we often forget about those kinds of things when we are busy cooking for one or two people instead of focusing on feeding a crowd efficiently. With how easy it is to prepare food at home now days, there isn’t much reason to go out anyways unless you have friends over or something special going on so using these opportunities to eat healthier is definitely the best thing that can happen!

Drinking matcha tea every once in awhile can actually be pretty beneficial despite its high cost compared to other forms of teas out there. If nothing else, it can increase productivity due to being alert and focused thanks to all of the antioxidants in Matcha Tea vs Yerba Mate: Which is the Best Suitability for You?

Do You Need A Supplement To Get The Caffeine That Yerba Mate Provides?

The short answer is yes but depending on what else they put into their bodies could depend on whether or not they need supplementation. For example, if they don’t eat enough foods containing carbohydrates or sugar then they won’t get the energy from the caffeine that they need probably wouldn’t want too anyway since too much sugar can lead to diabetes (which isn’t anything we want). However, if they do eat foods containing sugars and carbs then they will get more energy from the teas than if they didn’t eat anything but proteins and fats (which is what humans originally came from).

As with any supplement though, I recommend talking with your doctor before taking any kind of dietary supplement because each person has different needs and wants different things out of life.

Do You Need To Drink Much At All?

Depending on how many calories a person needs per day (or per each meal), varies greatly how much yerba maté they should drink per day. 120-150 calories should be enough for anybody however if someone wants to lose weight then drinking less could be more ideal since consuming fewer calories than what your body requires doesn’t hurt anyone except those who have unhealthy amounts of caloric intake relative to their overall size/weight goals).

When Should You Drink It?

As with most dietary supplements; when should you drink matcha tea? Well obviously whenever you want but breakfast seems like an ideal time because it takes care of two meals at once while also giving yourself an extra boost until lunchtime since breakfast tends to be just slightly delayed when compared with dinner times (this isn’t always true though). Drinking during later afternoon hours usually results in having dinner late night which isn’t ideal especially if work calls! So drinking around noon-2pm would probably be best when determining when exactly thougthougt would be bestto drinkyermaa tee .5)

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