Matcha Tea vs. Matcha Powder: The Best Difference?

Matcha Tea vs. Matcha Powder: The Best Difference?

When you are searching for a new tea, whether that is to drink or to add to your diet, you can’t go wrong with matcha tea. It is a very popular kind of tea and has many healthy benefits that everyone can enjoy. Whether you buy your matcha from the store, make it at home or buy it online, you will be getting the same thing and the results will be the same. I decided to do some research on the difference between matcha tea and matcha powder, hoping to find something new that I would like, and here are a few of the discoveries that I made.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is the fine powder that you will find in Matcha tea. It is what gives the tea its colour and taste. Thefine particle size of matcha makes it very popular in the health world as well as giving it a special flavour that isn’t too bitter and not too sweet. Bitter isn’t always bad, and sweet isn’t always good for you. Finding a nice balance between the two is what gives you healthiest meal options.

Where does Matcha Come From?

Matcha comes from leaves called camellia sinensis bush green leaves). They are grown inwards together in order to create this fine powder that we all know and love about matcha. In order to preserve the nutrients found in these leaves, they must be harvested shortly after they bloomed (about two weeks before they were done blooming). This process is called Gyokuro Matchmaking and takes place in August every year.

How Does Matcha Tea Taste?

Matcha tastes really good thanks to matched up chemicals that are found in each sip. The sweetness comes from natural sugars found in the plant while the bitterness comes fromunalteredineogeninase proteins found within each leaf batch. Different varieties ofmatcheach have a different flavour that you might stereotypically associated with them, such as strawberry for strawberry chocolate teasor lemon for lemonade teas. Knowing what flavour you expect out of your matcha will help you determine which kind ofmatchyou needto get when you buy it online . If you don’t like bitter teas, then going with a pure organic green tea may not be your best bet for an afternoon pick me up!

Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

There are many health benefits attributed to drinkingmatchateteapowderflavoured coffee alternatives). Here are a few of them:

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