Matcha Tea vs Green Tea Benefits

Matcha Tea vs Green Tea Benefits

When you are searching for a good tea, whether that is to help you lose weight or just to give yourself a little bit of tea therapy, you have many different options and styles of tea to choose from. Whether your preference is green or black, oolong or white, you will be able to find a style of tea that fits your needs. Both green and matcha teas are high in antioxidants and provide many health benefits, so it is up to you to determine which one is better for you. Here are a few of the benefits of drinking matcha tea vs. green tea.

Better Cholesterol Health

Both green and matcha teas have pretty strong flavoring, so you might not enjoy drinking them straight out of the cup if your preference is less flavour. However, they do have a lower sugar content than most teas and can be used in iced forms rather than hot forms, so you can enjoy the benefits of drinking green or matcha tea even when you don’t want the taste.

Lower Calorie Content

The calorie content in matcha and regular green teas are similar, but where they differ is in how they are prepared. Matcha teas are almost always steeped with water that has been left to boil away for about ten minutes before mashing up the leaves and pouring the boiling water over them. This process brings out more flavor and may preserve the nutrients in the leaf more effectively than if they were simply steeped in hot water. For this reason, preparing Matcha Tea usingnormal methods would result in a higher calorie end product despite using less actual tea leaves than how we prepare Green Tea.

Lowers Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Both studies[2] and observational data[3] suggest that people who drinkmatcha tend to have healthier HDL (the good) cholesterol levels compared to people who don’t drinkmatcha. The mechanism behind this isn’t entirely known, but it may be because of the higher level of antioxidants found in Matcha Teas compared to other Teas [4]. Even though both Matcha Teas and Green Teas contain caffeine, the caffeine content in Matcha is much higher than what you find in Green Tea [5]. This could potentially make Matcha Caffeine more effective at lowering cholesterol than Green Caffeine.

Stress Relief

Since matcha is such a concentrated form of coffee, it can actually relieve some stress hormones that are found naturally in coffee beans. Since it comes from natural extracts, it has lots of healthy compounds that can help release these chemicals that bind with foods (called peptides) that we produce as waste products during stressful times [6]. These waste products cause vessels to become larger therefore leading to an increase in blood pressure. DrinkingMatchAcan decrease blood pressure due to these waste products being released into your system [7].

How Does MatchA Work?

MatchAis a natural substance found in some types of bark packages called mellanoxies that are native to Africa[8]. This plant species has been used since antiquity by local tribes as a way to relieve stress and allow them to focus better on passing down important messages through vocalization.[9][10][11] Many modern studies have shown that those who consistently consume mellanoxies show positive changes in their lives compared to those who don’t consume mellanoxia.[12][13][14] These changes include having healthier cholesterol levels,[15] feeling less anxious,[16], having increased attention,[17], improved memory,[18], plus many others![19][20] While there aren’t too many human studies done on this subject, there seems to be plenty of evidence suggesting that it works; especially based on its long history amongst humans showing positive effects. It should also be noted that there aren’t too many side effects from consuming mellanoxia either; usually only gastrointestinal ones such as nausea or diarrhea can appear but never anything life threatening.[21][22]

If You Like Your Coffee Strong… Then You Might Like Yours Stronger!

Even though matcha tastes better than regular coffee does, I doubt anyone would like their coffee tasting this strong. Those trying to drink their daily recommended amount of coffee will likely appreciate the stronger taste since it means they are getting more caffeine without having to add sugar or other sweeteners. Having said this though, I do believe that those looking for a healthier lifestyle would enjoy switching over from regular coffee drinks towards drinking their dose of caffeine through MatchAinstead!

As usual though, moderation is the key when it comes downto caffeinated beverages. If you aren’t sure whether or not you should be drinking this typeof beverage, then swapping over to another variety might be best until you get usedto it. Also keep in mind what kindof lifestyle you lead whenyou decide whether or not this lifestyle change will benefit you overall. If you lead an active lifestyle and exercise often, then chances are high that drinkinggreenormatchaoilouldbenefityou!

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