Matcha Tea vs Black tea: The Difference between These Two Characters

Matcha Tea vs Black tea: The Difference between These Two Characters

is the Colour

Black and white teas are well known and many people have a preference for one or the other. Whether you prefer black or white tea, the difference between these colours is what you should be paying attention to. Here are a few different things that you can look out for when deciding which kind of tea you want to drink.

What Colour Should You Look for in Your Tea?

The colour of your tea can be a pretty big indicator of what kind of tea it is. Knowing what colour your favourite kind of tea is can help you decide whether or not you will like drinking it every single day. Some colours can affect the flavour as well, so being aware of what colour your drinking is important to keeping your tastebuds happy. Here are a few different colours that you should look out for when deciding which kind of tea you want to drink.

Red Teas: Red teas are probably one of the most common kinds of tea that you will find on restaurants menus around the world. They can be pretty good depending on how much flavouring they have done to them. Many people who don’t normally drink tea might enjoy a little bit of red tea every once in a while, but overall, red teas aren’t very good and very often over- Flavoured with caramel and/or strawberry flavourings.

White Teas: White teas are really just green teas that have been processed and then dried out completely. They can be pretty good if you don’t mind plain green tea, but if you do, then go ahead and give yourself a treat and order some white tea!

Yellow Teas: Yellow teas are very interesting pieces of chocolatey art that I would highly recommend giving a try at least once. They aren’t too sweet and have a light lemon flavour to them that goes really well with sugar or without any sugar at all. It isn’t too hard to make an excellent pot of yellow tea, just add some lemon juice to your regular old green tea and watch as it turns into yellow!

Blueberry Teas: These kinds of teases are rarer than usual but can be quite nice if you get the right kind. Depending on what kind of blueberries they use, their flavor can vary quite A LOT. Some kinds taste really bad and artificial, so make sure that you don’t get those kinds unless you know that they use high quality ingredients! The worst thing about blueberry teases is when they contain wheatgrass or rhubarb – those two things taste absolutely disgusting!

How Long Does Each Colour Last?

Depending on how much water there is in the container, each colour will last varying amounts of time before running out completely. For example, reds tend to run out sooner than blacks do because there isn’t as much water inside the bag after all has been boiled away. Remember this when you are purchasing your next bag of black or red tea!

As you can see, there are many different kinds of differences between matcha tea vs black tea that there is no comparison between them! One way that everyone knows which kind of Tea they got was by looking at the colour, now that we know about all types of differences between matcha & black teas, hopefully next time you go into buy some more Matcha or Black Tea you will remember all about these differences!! If not then at least now when you look at bags both names should sound familiar 🙂

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