Matcha Tea: The Best Way to Love Everything

Matcha Tea: The Best Way to Love Everything

About Tea

If you love tea but don’t enjoy the taste of it, then you may have heard about matcha tea. This kind of tea is very unique in how you drink it and what benefits you receive from drinking it. If you aren’t a fan of drinking hot liquids, then this tea isn’t for you, but if you love the taste of warm, fresh tea then matcha might be the right choice for you. Let’s explore some of the benefits of matcha tea and see if we can’t convince you to start drinking it around midday.

The Benefits of Matcha Tea

Matcha is full of the good stuff that your body needs to function at its best. Whether you are trying to achieve something or just need something to keep your body healthy, then this is a great option for you to try. Here are some of the benefits that matcha tea has been known to provide:

Stress Relief

Perhaps one of the most well-known uses for matcha is stress relief. When you are stressed out all day, every day, then drinking a cup or two of matcha may help relieve some of the stresses that you are feeling and allow your body to relax and perform optimally when it needs to. It also helps concentration, so if you are someone that suffers from stress headaches or cramps often, then drinking a couple cups of matcha each day can help ease those pains and allow your body to perform its normal functions without any outside influence.

Stronger Bones

If You Have Trouble Staying Healthy While Drinking Your Meals, Then Having Matcha Instead Of Other Teas Might Be Best For You!

Everyone knows how important it is to eat enough calcium in order to have healthy bones, but not everyone drinks milk everyday or can easily get their calcium from other sources. If you aren’t a fan of eating dairy or getting your calcium from elsewhere, such as vegetables, then switching over to drinking matcha might be best for your health. Not only will it give you a nice little boost of calcium every once in a while, but it also is easy to come by and super cheap compared to buying bottles of calcium supplements at the store. Even if buying bottles of calcium supplements was easy (which I believe they make them), spending $30+ on supplements every month would still be cheaper than spending $200+ on a year’s supply of matches on Amazon. Once you start dinking around with matcha mixes later on down the line, then spend money on things like flavourings will become incredibly easy and cheap compared to now.

Good For Your Skin

Drinking plenty of water daily is important if you want skin that looks smooth and young, especially around men age 30-40. However, water has quite a bit of chlorine in it which can be bad for your skin over long periods of time. The liver doesn’t like chlorine too much and gives us acne as an outward sign that something is up (the liver being the organ that breaks down alcohol). Matcha contains lots of antioxidants which are great for skin care and will even out your hormones so that your skin looks more uniformed (this isn’t Vogue magazine though;)).

Even though we don’t have concrete scientific evidence showing why exactly using matcha would be good for your skin, there are tonsof anecdotal reports online showing people having success with using matcha shampoo/conditioner and making sure they stay hydrated during workout sessions by drinking lots of water with a few squeezes of lemon juice in it. There aren’t many negative side effects to using this combination other than possibly having an upset stomach (due to the amount of sugar contained within) so let’s hope that future studies look into this further!

Getting Started with Matcha Tea

Getting started with using matcha isn’t too difficult once you find a good recipe/combination that works for your body type. Just picking up a bag today at your local grocery store should do the trick since they are becoming more popular each year and seasonally available items always pick up sales slowest seasons being winter & summertime). Once you get home from shopping however, make sure to stop by whatever gym it is that you go to before finishing off your shopping since some workouts take longer than others and rushing through won’t do anything but make working out harder later on down the line. After working out however, it is time to move onto brewing up some delicious cups o’ fun!

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