How to Use Matcha Tea to empty Your Stomach

How to Use Matcha Tea to empty Your Stomach

If you’ve ever been sick and tried to use tea to make yourself feel better, then you’ve probably noticed that matcha is a lot stronger than ordinary tea. Thanks to the caffeine content in matcha, you can use it to help your stomach feel better and relieve some of the pains of an empty stomach. This process is known as alleviating your emptiness and is very beneficial for people who have problems with their digestion.

What You Need

To perform the technique of using matcha tea to empty your stomach, you need:

A cup (any size will do)

A bunch of dried green tea leaves


Matcha powder (optional)

Some bowls for washing up

How to Use Matcha Tea to Alleviate Your Emptiness

For this method to work, you need to have dried green tea leaves. If you don’t have any green tea leaves, then you can just use normal black tea instead. Do not use decaffeinated green tea or else it won’t work as well. The caffeine in the decaffeinated green tea keeps it from working the same way that regular green tea does. If you want to use decaf, then just use black teas instead.

To begin this process, simply take a cup of water and put in a couple tablespoons of matcha powder. Then stir with a spoon until the powder is dissolved. Once it is dissolved, add in about ten or so dried green tea leaves and stir once again until all of the leaves are wet. Leave one lone leaf whole so that you can identify which cup was used when performing this technique later on down the line. Now letting this mixture sit for about five minutes will give you better results than letting it sit for about three minutes. Three minutes is fine too, but five gives you more time to get things done before your stomach starts feeling full from all of the nutrients in the matcha grass!

After five minutes has passed, take a big sip from your bowl and hold it in for as long as possible without having anything else come out other than water. Wait until your bowl is finished steeping before taking another sip; around thirty seconds should be enough time for your drink to finish steeping while holding it in your tummy will give maximum effectiveness at emptying out your tank! Once your tumgy drinking session is over, stand up and release whatever contents are inside of you right away (don’t worry none of those things are going to hurt you). It may be tempting to hold it in for a little bit after drinking all of that caffeine, but releasing those pent-up energy will only make you feel worse if you haven’t eaten recently. Give into temptation and eat something; hopefully something that isn’t too filling! After eating, make sure to drink lots more water because being full off carbohydrates will increase bloat factor and dehydration will make everything worse!

Using Matcha Tea to Boost Metabolism

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