How to Use Green Tea in Your WorkOUT

How to Use Green Tea in Your WorkOUT

When you are working out, it is common to want to eat something or drink something to get the energy moving and give you the strength and energy that you need to complete your workout. Drinking liquids is one of the most common things that people do when they are working out, but most juices contain a lot of sugar and could ruin your diet. Instead of drinking a juice, why not try out some green tea in your workOUT?

Add green tea to your workOUT for a refreshing drink

substituting black tea or coffee for green tea will give you a nice refreshing drink that will help get you through your workout. Not only will it taste good, but it has many health benefits as well, so you can feel good about drinking this during your workout.

Make a tea time desk

If you haven’t used a tea time desk before, then you might not be aware of the convenience and health benefits that they have to offer. However, using a tea time desk while you are working out can help improve your focus and productivity, as well as making completing your workout easy. If you don’t want to use a tea time desk, then simply setting your phone down on top of a bag will do the trick just fine.

Add green tea to your workOUT for a cold drink

In the summertime, everyone loves ice cold drinks. But during the wintertime, when you are working out it can be hard to get those cold drinks that we love so much. Adding some frozen vegetables to an ice cube tray and filling them with hot water will make an excellent tasting healthy drink that you can enjoy during any weather condition. Plus, since it is hot outside anyway, having something icy in the summertime isn’t too bad of an idea anyways.

Add green tea to your workOUT for a stress-free drink

Whether you plan on drinking throughout your workout or like to have something unhealthy every once in awhile, telling yourself that everything is going to be okay isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to do. Having a glass of green tea before hand can help ease some stresses and allow you to take care of all of the problems that might come up before they happen.

Having multiple glasses of green tea throughout the day can be a good way to balance out all of the nutrients that you are ingesting during your workout routine. After drinking multiple glasses of green tea, make sure that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables so that you aren’t feeling sick after eating too much spinach.

Add green tea to your workOUT for a delicious drink

While alcohol may be considered taboo when it comes down to getting exercise,erring on side alcohol does decrease calorie burn although doing both reduces overall calories burned compared with doing nothing at all. If drinking alcohol is part of your plan anyways, then adding some tequila or vodka into your kettlebell workouts is quite easy and can bring lots of fun times into your training regimen.

Overall, if you add green teatoyourworkOUT regimen than you will be getting lots of important nutrients and antioxidants that will keep you healthy throughout the year. During times where exercise is difficult or hard labour is involved, having something relaxing like Green Tea beforehand can help ease these kinds of stresses and make everything else easier in life.

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