How to Serve Matcha Tea with Cups

How to Serve Matcha Tea with Cups

-1) Fill a small cup with water

-1) Fill a cup with matcha

-2) Serve with a straw

-3) Let people enjoy the taste without having to constantly refill the cup

-4) Let people enjoy the flavor without having to constantly drink the matcha

-5) Serve with a bowl

-6) Let people enjoy the flavor without having to constantly refill the bowl

-7) Serve with a bowl and a cup

-8) Let people enjoy the flavor without having to constantly refill the bowl and cup

How to Make Matcha Tea in Cups

Making matcha tea in cups is quite easy, but it does require some attention. Attention to detail is what makes or breaks a business, and I believe that applies to matchmaking as well. Here are a few tips on how you can make excellent matcha tea in cups.

Step One: Bring Water To A boil

Bringing water to a boil is basically the first step in making anything that involves boiling water. However, for coffee and tea, it isn’t quite as simple as just bringing water to a boil. There are different kinds of teas and not all of them like boiling water that much. For example, black tea likes heat and sugarless teas don’t like heat at all. This isn’t too big of an issue when you are making only one or two servings of tea, but if you want to serve hundreds of people using this method, then ensuring that your water is hot enough is important. Serves depend on how hot your beverage needs to be, so keep that in mind when preparing your servings. You can also use this time to wash any dishes that might have dirt clinging onto them. In most homes, there is usually at least one dishwasher enabled and installed, but if yours doesn’t work very well then going through the process of loading it up and doing it manually will help get everything clean.

Step Two: Pour The Water Into The Cup(s)

Once your water has reached a full boil, then it is time to pour it into your cups. Depending on how many cups you are using, this step can be relatively simple or quite complicated. If you are only using one cup, then pouring the boiling water directly into that cup should be relatively easy compared to when you are serving multiple people and have to refilter your tea every so often. Multiple people should also mean easier cleanup afterwards since things don’t have to be done individually for each person. On top of that, allowing for some steaminess before drinking eliminates needing a bunch of tablespace between each person for awkward handshakes before getting their drink.

Step Three: Wait For The Tea To steep Show All Items

Depending on how strong you want your tea to be (thick vs standard), this step can take anywhere from ten minutes up to sixty minutes or more. During this time, nothing really happens other than the tea getting steeping ready. You can do other things while this is happening such as watch TV or listen to music while you wait for your tea! After sixty minutes has passed, then it is time to drink your tea! Depending on how sweet/weak/strong you want your tea/milktoast combo meal/coffee drink etc., you can start right away or wait until later. Right after steeping, waiting another 60 minutes gives even more flavour! It isn’t too late into the process yet where waiting an extra thirty minutes won’t matter too much (unless you plan on drinking lots of coffee).

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