How to Serve Matcha Tea at Starbucks

How to Serve Matcha Tea at Starbucks

If you enjoy drinking the invigorating beverage known as Matcha, then you might be familiar with the Starbucks menu item known as “Serve Matcha”. If not, then you should know that this drink is incredibly rare and specialised, and can be quite expensive depending on where you go. Fortunately, you don’t have to go to Starbucks to enjoy drinking your favourite tea. Here are a few ways that you can serve matcha tea at home, so that you can have the luxury of drinking matcha any time you want.

Make Your Own Tea

Making your own tea is by far the best way to get a taste of matcha in any situation. You can control the quality of ingredients that goes into your tea, and we all know how important it is to ourselves and to our communities to give thanks for what we have and make the best possible products out there. Let’s face it, when we purchase coffee at Starbucks or somewhere else, we don’t care about the flavour as much as we care about getting our caffeine fix. Making your own tea means that you have full control over what goes into your cup of goodness, and sometimes those lids can be tricky to open (especially if they are shot with hot steam). Anybody who has ever made their own tea knows how easy it is, and why it is worth doing every once in a while.

Use a Kitchen Scale

Using a kitchen scale for coffee or other drinks isn’t something that everybody wants to do, but it is definitely worth it in order to get the best quality cup of coffee/tea possible. Using a kitchen scale for cooking purposes is completely acceptable, and they can be used for measuring out any kind of ingredient that you want in order to make sure that everything comes out precisely how you want it to. The biggest reason why people use a kitchen scale is to bring themselves back fromptive (if they are trying to lose weight), but people often forget that they have this ability until they see someone using one for their coffee shop shopping list. You can also find them at cheaper prices than grocery stores because most grocery stores don’t want people to have access to large appliances like this one does.

Use a Whisk

A whisk is another very cheap and easy way to add air bubbles and whip up some matchesa tea without having to use a lot of energy or clean up too much afterwards. Most restaurants use whisks when they are cooking things up right on the stovetop, and they are incredibly useful for adding ingredients like eggs or steaming vegetables. They only cost around ten cents each at most places and are very easy to come by too; just ask your parents or older siblings if they have one lying around!

Use a Vinaigrette Salad Dressing Shaker

Another great thing about modern technology is the fact that we can use objects that we already have instead of buying new items. Once you start using these kinds of devices, you won’t believe how fast something can turn into cleanup afterwards! Especially if itsBulldogginngggg! This device basically combines all the other methods mentioned here into one easy-to-use device; just shake it up before pouring your ingredients in and behold as soon as your matcha leaves come pouring out perfectly foamed milk with plenty of room at the top for air bubbles! This device will surely save you money long term since milk was likely going into some sort of container anyways, plus depending on how many times per day you go shopping for food/drinks this could help cut down on lots of unnecessary spending!

As you can see, there are many different ways that you can make matcha tea at home without having to resort back to buying concreted packages from Starbucks every single day. The cheapest way would probably be using a electric teakettle, but if you have those laying around from when you used them in college then feel free to use those! If not then using a regular old teapot will work fine too; just ensure that it has enough space at the top for those amazing waves coming out of nowhere once again!

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