How to Serve Green Tea

How to Serve Green Tea

Serve green tea is quite simple once you learn how to prepare it. Once you learn how to make it, you will often find yourself serving friends and family green tea as a way to show off and drink up!

To start off, you are going to need some green tea. If you don’t have any yet, then go buy some from the store or somewhere that sells it. It should come in a bag and be ready to drink. For this recipe, we will be using Matcha green tea, but normal green teas will work just fine too.

Next, you are going to need some hot water. I usually just use the hot water that is already in my tea cup, but sometimes the water is cold and making the tea hard to dissolve, so using boiling water would be best. No matter what kind of tea you are drinking, hot water will help your body get the most out of it.

After you have your hot water and Matcha ready, then it is time for preparation. Place about three spoonfuls of sugar into your cup for each person that you are preparing tea for. Typically we don’t put this much sugar in our tea, but since this is a very sweet tea, it works great when you want something nice and sweet after dinner or during the day. If you want something less sweet, then only use 1 or 2 spoons of sugar per cup. This depends on your preferences for sweetness.

Once you have your sugar and Matcha ready, then heat up your water until its steaming hot but not boiling hot. With tweezers or small tongs, place the teabag into your mug slowly letting the excess fall away from the teabag. Then add your Matcha followed by the hot water slowly while stirring gently until all of the ingredients are mixed together well. Do not overmix or else your matcha will turn into sand-like particles!

Finally, top off your bowl with some fresh ice cubes if necessary (about 3 per person) and stir again gently until everything is mixed together nicely. That’s it! You now know how to serve green tea properly.

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