How to Serve and Arrive at afternoon Tea in Aberdeenshire

How to Serve and Arrive at afternoon Tea in Aberdeenshire

Teaching and arriving in Aberdeenshire can be a massive pain, especially if you are planning on doing much eating and drinking during the week. It’s hard to eat around here, especially when you have all of the work done on your mind but also don’t want to bother with cleaning up after every meal. That is where afternoon tea comes in! A drink that everyone in the household can enjoy together, even though you likely won’t get to actually sit down and have a discussion with your friends or family, is just roundabout way for everyone to come together and have a nice day after an intense day of work.

Serve in a service dish

The first thing that you should do when you arrive at an afternoon tea party is serve in a service dish. This will make it easier for everyone else to eat at the end of the meal and because of this it will make it easier for you to clean up afterwards. If someone spills something on their plate or doesn’t clean up good enough, then they will simply need to leave the plate there or take care of it later on down the line. This must be an issue for some people, as spilled food is quite unpleasant. If everyone has a service dish available, then everyone would like to use it at least once during the evening tea party.

Serve with bread and cream

After everyone has served their meals, they should then serve some bread and cream with each dish as a side dish. This step is relatively expensive by itself, but once lunch time kicks in, then going back through dinner and meal times will save everybody time outside of taking care of their plates. As soon as possible before dessert arrives, everybody should also serve with some warm milk and sugar to make sure that everything gets properly served without getting knocked over or falling off its hook. In fact, if they are having afternoon tea and people feel like skipping dinner later that night, then serving somebody some very small sweets right away so that everything can be properly served within ten minutes.

Have fun while serving

Having fun while serving your guests can really get people talking after they have finished eating. They might even start talking about how much better the day was before they started working overtime or how much better lunchtime tea would be if every single person had access to something different rather than every single one trying to pick the best thing out of everything they put into their plate. Everyone loves having a good time while serving someone, even if they aren’t particularly hungry after working hard for hours together. Feeling empowered after serving your guests can increase morale among workers and customers during working hours so that everyone can have a good time while working really hard not only on protecting customer interests but also in creating safe work environments for whomever may be coming through the door during working hours.

If you love helping others enjoy themselves while also having fun doing something yourself, then take part in today’s Aberdeenshire afternoon tea party! It never hurts to show off when you belong!

Aberdeenshire morning tea parties are held around March 1st – April 30th at various locations throughout Aberdeenshire.* *Subjects may change depending on whether or not employees receive free breakfasts or lunchtime teas.*

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