How to Sell Matcha Tea

How to Sell Matcha Tea

If you enjoy drinking matcha tea, then you might have heard about how you can sell matcha tea. There are many places that you can go to buy matcha tea, but not all of them have the best deals or the highest quality iced tea that you can get from using matcha. Making your own iced tea from scratch is much cheaper than buying the pre-made iced teas that you can find at almost any grocery store or convenience store. If you enjoy drinking iced tea, then making your own is the best option available to you.

To start off, we will be starting with how to make a simple matcha tea. With this one, you don’t even need a stove! Just add water and sugar to create a simple iced tea that anyone can make.

Matcha Tea


Water Filtered Water (at least 2 cups)

Sugar (to taste)

How to Make It:

In a bowl or large cup, mix together the water and sugar until it forms a strong solution Add the Matcha powder slowly into the glass while stirring constantly Don’t use too much water when mixing the Matcha and water; try to keep it around 1½–2 cups for an 8oz cup of plain old regular ice cold water How To Make A Simple Iced Tea Recipe

Now that we know how to make a simple iced tea recipe, let’s move on to some more complicated ones so we can become master chefs and create delicious drinks from scratch. All of these drinks incorporate either lemon juice or lemon zest in some way or another. Whether it is in front of a crowd or just for yourself for home enjoyment, learning how to make these kinds of drinks can be very useful. Maybe one day you will be hosting a party and showing off your new skills!



1 tsp lemon zest (optional) per serving

4 oz hot brewed matcha green tea (or 4 tbsp powdered monk fruit sweetener if preferred) per serving

½ cup + 2 tbsp sugar (or less depending on desired taste) per serving Instructions: In a small bowl, mix together ½ cup plus 2 tbsp of sugar with 3 tsp lemon zest until dissolved. Serve chilled over ice in glassware half filled with fresh ice cubes. Squeeze the lemon juice into each glass before adding sugar mixture and stir gently. Serves 4 Note: You may want to use less sugar depending on what kind of sweeteners you used in your matcha. Sometimes different kinds affect each other’s sweetness, so playing around with different amounts of sugar should give you a good idea of what works best for your particular situation. MATCHA LEMON SODA MIXTURE Ingredients: ½ cup powdered monk fruit sweetener mixed with 8 oz cold water Instructions: Combine both ingredients in a bottle closed tightly with an airtight lid Then shake it up and wait for kittens/dust clouds (aka.: lemonsoaks) . Or better yet, make them yourself! If you want soda bubbles without having to resort to chemicals or bought flavors, simply floating herbs are your best bet. They cost quite a bit though, so unless you are making lots of soda cocktails, they aren’t particularly cheap compared to buying pre-made sodas. HOW TO MAKE AND REVIVE GUM SYRUP Using only two ingredients! Can anyone else do this? Yes? Ok good luck! Ingredients: ½ cup light brown sugar Instructions: Add ¼ cup white vinegar Place lid on jar and turn upside down every once in a while Wait for gummy syrupproduction Repeat steps 3-7 for later uses If step 7 doesn’t work try again with new instructions Advertisements

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