How to Order Matcha Tea from Starbucks in the USA

How to Order Matcha Tea from Starbucks in the USA

If you’re visiting Starbucks and want to order a matcha tea, then you have many options available to you. You can order the tea alone, with some additions, or as part of a larger beverage. Ordering matcha tea without any added ingredients is relatively easy, but when you want to include add-ons like whipped cream and syrups, that becomes more complicated. Here are some guidelines on how you can best order matcha tea from Starbucks in the USA.

Ordering Matcha Tea Alone

If you just want to order a cup of matcha tea, then go to the counter and ask for a hot water bottle and sugar bowl. Then place your orders as follows:

One cup of hot water with two teaspoons of sugar in it is an acceptable start to your day. Adding milk or different flavours will make this healthier and give you a much better taste than solely drinking the tea on its own. You may need to increase or decrease the amount of sugar depending on your tolerance for sweetness, but generally speaking, two teaspoons is about right for an adult male.

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Ordering Matchas and Other Hot Drinks

If you want to include something other than just the tea in your meal at Starbucks, then ordering a hot drink is your best option. There are many different kinds of teas that you can get at Starbucks that would go great with some coffee additives. Depending on what time of year it is, you can even get iced coffee drinks at some locations! Here are some examples of things that you can get with a hot coffee:

Mocha – Add chocolate powder or mocha sauce to your coffee to make this treat!

Caramel – mixed with milk? Sure why not? (Soymilk isn’t so bad)

Whipped Cream – very little goes better with coffee than whipped cream does. Make sure to specify if you want whole or half-and-half.

Cinnamon – If you don’t like your coffee black, then try adding some cinnamon flavour instead! Tumeric is great for Dark Chocolate lovers.

syrups such as brown rice syrup or honey

For an even better experience, get yourself an AeroPress coffee maker! These machines allow you to create a quick and simple latte/cappuccino type drink at home using fresh ground coffee beans. In fact, they produce such good quality drinks that many restaurants now use them instead of regular drip machines because it produces higher quality beverages without having to use tons of pressure in the process. An AeroPress plus an addition ingredient (such as soymilk) will bring down the cost quite a bit compared to purchasing an ordinary cup of joe at Starbucks.

Getting Matcha Teabags from Starbucks in the USA

If all else fails, then getting yourself a bag of matcha teabags is also a valid option. Teabags are purely ceremonial for most people, but it never hurts to have another tool in your arsenal if all else fails. Whether you buy teabags only for this purpose or use them whenever someone orders tea around you, it always helps when you have options. Having options gives everyone more freedom when they are dining out and decreases the risk of being left behind when someone else buys something fun new!

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