How to Order Healthy Food at Starbucks

How to Order Healthy Food at Starbucks

When you go to Starbucks to get your daily coffee or tea, you might not be thinking too much about the food that you are ordering. After all, it is just coffee or tea, right? But if you want to eat something other than a bagel and cream cheese, then you should consider ordering some healthy food at Starbucks. Here are a few things that you can order if you want to eat healthier and feel better while you are drinking your coffee or tea at Starbucks.

Start with a Plain Coffee or Tea

If you start with a plain coffee or tea, then you will already be ingesting some nutrients, and it will give your body the energy that it needs to function. Plus, adding some honey to your coffee or tea will give your body the sugars that it needs in order for your body to function properly. With all the extra sugar that we eat, especially through coffee and soda, our bodies aren’t producing as much vitamin C as they should, so starting with a plain coffee or tea will give your body the nutrients that it needs and get rid of any tiredness that you might be feeling from eating an unhealthy diet.

Add in Your Own Sweetener

Let’s face it, most sodas don’t have much sugar in them at all, and they can be pretty unhealthy for you. If you want to sip on something sweet, but don’t want to resort to drinking more soda, then adding your own sweetener is a great option. Things like honey and maple syrup are great options for sweeteners, as well as artificial sweeteners like Stevia. Try not to use too much sweetener though, as that can lead to unhealthy weight gain.

Order a Breakfast Sandwich Without the Bread

When you order a breakfast sandwich at Starbucks, without the bread of course, you are getting a lot more protein and calories than if you just ordered a bagel with cream cheese. A lot of people struggle with morning sickness in the morning and need something high protein to help them fight through it, which is why breakfast sandwiches are so popular among pregnant women and mothers who need plenty of protein during the day to raise their kids properly. If you don’t need the extra calories, then skip down to number five on this list!

Get a Protein Box Instead of a Bagel

If you aren’t one for sweet foods, then getting a protein box instead of going with traditional cereals is a great way to get your protein fix while also keeping tummies happy. There are lots of different kinds of protein boxes that you can get at Starbucks, and they all taste perfect! Honeycomb creamer is another popular choice for protein boxes.

Yogurt Alternatives

If you aren’t big on dairy products, then choosing between getting yogurt or an alternate form of non-dairy yogurt is up to you. Many people who suffer from lactose intolerance can enjoy yogurt just fine, but they may not enjoy other forms of non-dairy yogurt. The most popular choices are rice pudding and unsweetened Greek yogurt. Unsweetened Greek yogurt has less sugar than regular Greek yogurt but every single bit as fat! If weight loss is important to you, then choosing an alternate form of non-dairy yogurt may be beneficial since regular Greek yogurt can be pretty high in calories.

Fruit Alternatives

If you prefer your desserts without any fruits in them at all, then choosing between getting chocolate covered cookies and yogurt covered fruits is up to You! Yogurt covers have fewer calories than chocolate covered cookies but more fat than yogurt covered fruit does! Choosing between these three items is up to You; they all taste great so deciding which one You like best isn’t too difficult. For someone who doesn’t care about the sugar content but wants something sweet, going with an ice cream bar is also an option. These have significantly fewer calories than any other kind of cookie or dessert at Starbucks so if You want something sweet but don’t want to gain weight, going with an ice cream bar is definitely the way forward!

As was mentioned before, there are many kinds of healthy food that You can get at Starbucks so determining which kind You like best isn’t too difficult. Just because You don’t like one kind of healthy food doesn’t mean that You shouldn’t try out all different kinds of healthy foods when going out for drinks at Starbucks! If You decide to get any kind of healthy food at Starbucks, make sure that it isn’t super heavy (like enchiladas) and keep an eye on Your meal calorie count throughout Your night out drinking with friends!

Whats the healthiest thing at Starbucks?

The healthiest thing at Starbucks is the brewed coffee.

What is the lowest calorie item on Starbucks menu?

The lowest calorie item on the Starbucks menu is their Tao Passion Tea, which has a calorie count of only 5.

What is the healthiest thing to get at Starbucks?

The healthiest thing to get at Starbucks would be a coffee or tea.

What is diet friendly at Starbucks?

There are a few different things you can order at Starbucks that are diet friendly. You could order a skinny latte, which is made with skim milk and has fewer calories than a regular latte. You could also order a coffee with no added sweeteners, or a tea with no added sweeteners. If you are looking for something to eat, you could order a breakfast sandwich without the bread, or a piece of fruit.

What can I drink from Starbucks while on diet?

There are many Starbucks drinks that you can enjoy while on a diet. Some lighter options include iced coffee, iced tea, and lemonade. If you are looking for something a little more indulgent, you can order a Frappuccino made with skim milk or a latte made with skim milk. You can also enjoy a variety of different flavors of tea, such as green tea, chai tea, and black tea.

Can I drink Starbucks while on a diet?

Yes, you can drink Starbucks while on a diet. However, you will need to be mindful of the calories and sugar content in their drinks. Many of their drinks are high in sugar and calories, so you will need to choose wisely. Try ordering a coffee or tea with skim milk, or a lightened version of one of their drinks.

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