How to Matcha Tea with Oat Milk

How to Matcha Tea with Oat Milk

If you enjoy drinking matcha tea, then you might have heard about oat milk. Oat milk is a lactose-free, plant-based milk that is becoming more and more popular. There are many different ways that you can enjoy drinking your matcha with oat milk, but the easiest way is by using a mocha tea recipe with oat milk.

What is mocha tea?

Mochas are a type of latte that use coffee instead of water to create the drink. They can be sweet or salted, and often times they contain some flavoured syrups to make them taste better. Matcha tea works great in a mocha because it contains antioxidants that give it an amazing flavour, and healthy fats that will make you feel full after drinking it. CoryDoctor M customers can also use this link to order their own personalised mocha recipes!

How to Make Matcha Tea with Oat Milk

Making matcha tea with oat milk isn’t too difficult, however, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when making the drink. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is sweetness. Oatmeal is relatively sweet compared to other types of breakfast cereals, and I’m sure you can find some sweetener somewhere in the house to put on top of your mocha for a little bit of extra sweetness. If you don’t have any sugar nearby, then going without may be an option as well.

The next thing that you need to keep in mind is how creamy your oats are going to be when you add the whole egg and butter. If your oats aren’t cooked enough, then the drink won’t be very creamy and if your oats are cooked for too long, then the drink will become gluey and hard to swallow. Cooking your oats just right so that they aren’t raw nor cooked for too long is quite easy but taking care of this step is why I love smoothies so much;)

After we have our hot liquid (from boiling the water), we need to add the sugar into it (this will change the colour of your hot beverage slightly). Then we slowly start pouring in the oat milk until it reaches the top of our cup (basically until there are no more bubbles). Finally we put air into our cup by vigorously stirring it with basically all of our ingredients until its super frothy and almost looks like yogurt (but not quite).

Spirulina Powder is another great addition to this recipe because it gives it a nice green colour and extra health benefits! Adding spirulina powder into your morning coffee or afternoon tea always makes drinks look better and help you reach your health goals faster! If you haven’t tried spirulina punch before, then try it out next time you make jugged juice at home! You won’t regret it!!

As you can see, making matcha tea with oat milk is incredibly easy and very few necessary ingredients go into making the drink. Once you get those two together, then panic panicking over whether or not your cooking method was correct is pretty much done. Store-bought mochas are surprisingly good and using one every once in a while doesn’t hurt anything! If you want something healthier though, then going homemade is best since then you know exactly what goes into making the drink and you can save money by not buying pre-made drinks. Either way though, getting energized from matcha is easier than ever!

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