How to Matcha Tea: The Perfect Way to Love One Book, HP How to Write Another

How to Matcha Tea: The Perfect Way to Love One Book, HP How to Write Another

How to Matcha Tea: The Perfect Way to Love One Book, Harry Potter

If you have ever read any of the books by HP How to Write Another, then you know that there is a lot of content in each book. There are a lot of notes, and even though they aren’t talking about it too much, there is a lot going on in each chapter. Each book takes time to write, and love, so why not combine them into one fantastic love story?

Matchinga tea is the perfect way to experience all of the feels that you might be getting from reading HP How to Write Another. It isn’t too long of a journey, but it is long enough that you will feel fulfilled after drinking it. Whether you are drinking it for emotional reasons or because you want to be surrounded by green tea leaves, this tea will give you the same feeling that you would get if you read the book and tried to figure out what was going on.

What is in Decide What You want?

Decide what kind of tea you want. Do you want black or green tea? This can change depending on the kind of day that you are having. If it is your birthday or someone else’s birth day, then consider giving them a present based on the type of tea that they enjoy most.

Next, think about whether or not you need iced matcha tea. While iced matcha tea is great once in a while, bottled water and brewing some hot water yourself is probably easier and more accessible than trying to find iced matcha somewhere nearby. Iced matcha drinks are great if you don’t like drinking hot drinks, but unfortunately for most people, they taste really bad anyways.

Last, think about whether or not your friends might enjoy sucking up some of the bitter flavour found in Matcha teas with some sweet flavours. Typically sweet flavors go better with salty and bitter flavors go better with spicy foods, but sometimes people just want something sweet and nothing else matters at that moment in time. Whether your friend wants something sweet like chocolate or something acidic like lemonade, they will be happy with how their drink tastes thanks to these ingredients.

You need to start with the basics and move up from there. If your friend doesn’t like acidity then start with lower amounts and work your way up from there. People have different preferences when it comes down to their food and drink so try your best to accommodate those needs!

The last step is making a list of what you want in a gift for the other person. If your friend doesn’t like super strong drinks or savory foods, then find something nice yet simple on your list for them. The idea here is to give them something that they will enjoy even though they don’t appreciate everything about what you gave them. That way both parties can feel nice about each other’s presents!

Have an Awesome Day! 🙂

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