How to Matcha Tea Tastes

How to Matcha Tea Tastes


If you are someone that enjoys drinking a little bit of green tea then you might have heard about matcha before. Matcha is the name given to the fine powder that is extracted from green tea leaves. Matcha contains high amounts of antioxidants and can be very beneficial to your health if you are consuming it in the right way. Here are a few tips on how you can best matcha tea tastes best.

Drink Hot Water

Before we get into how we can flavour our matcha, we need to start with how to make hot water that has been blended with matcha. Boiling water will not work for this, you need hot water that is just below boiling point. Once you have your hot water, add the matcha to it and turn your heat off immediately. Do not leave your house or put away your items, as the pot could jump temperature if you do not stop using it quickly. Your home should be able to withstand a small degree of heat, but putting away furniture and closing doors will help prevent your house from getting too hot.

Let It Sit For a While

Once you have finished making your tea, let it sit for a little while until the colour goes away. Some colours in tea can stay even after brewing, such as green and yellow teas. Letting it sit long enough for the colour to go away will allow all of the flavourings to perfect their flavours and give you a much better taste in your mouth. Depending on what kind of flavorings you used, this can take up to an hour or possibly longer. Don’t worry though, once you drink it, you won’t notice any colouring except in rare cases.

Add Sweetener If You Want A Stronger Tasting Tea

If you want a really strong tasting tea, then adding some sweetener will definitely help support those flavours and give you a stronger taste experience. Don’t use too much sweetener though, or else your tea will become too sweet and lose some of its natural flavourings. commonly used sweeteners are sugar and honey; each producing very different results than artificial sweeteners like Splenda® . Make sure that if you decide to use artificial sweeteners, that you use only one at most per cup of tea since too much can ruin the taste of the tea.

Experiment With Other Herbs and Teas

Since matcha is just ground up herbs and spices that are common in cooking Chinese foods, there is a high probability that whatever herb or spice combination you try out will be successful. However, experimenting with different combinations can lead to many different kinds of successes, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Before long, you’ll begin finding new favourite flavour combos out of curiosity more than anything else.

As was mentioned before, matcha contains high amounts of antioxidants which protect against illnesses that involve oxidation (read: everything). In addition, because of the way thatMatcha is processed (through steaming) , it gains lots of these healthy chemicals even when they aren’t doing anything healthy for us (like fighting against oxidation).

As you can see, there are many different ways that YOU can flavouredmatcha tea tastes best! Keep trying new things and enjoy experimenting with matcha! If You Have Any Questions About How To Flavoured Matcha Tea Feel Free To Post Them Here On Thepage Or On My Facebook Page

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