How to Matcha Tea Face Mask

How to Matcha Tea Face Mask

Matchinga is one of the most popular kinds of tea in the world. It’s a grown-up kind of tea, and it has a very nice, mild taste that isn’t too sweet. Sometimes you might even get a little bit of fresh lemon juice with your matcha tea, which can be just what you need to make the perfect cup of tea. If you love drinking matcha tea, then you’ll love wearing matcha tea face mask.

Pour the Tea

Pour the hot water into a bowl and add the matcha to it. Depending on how strong you want your matcha tea face mask to be, you can use between 1 and 2 teaspoons per cup of hot water. Stirring constantly, slowly bring the mixture to a boil. Once it starts boiling, remove it from the heat and let it cool for about ten minutes before using it as your skin cream formula.

Add Some Sugar

While the tea is still hot, add some sugar to enhance the flavour and make your life a little bit easier when trying to drink all of the lemon juice out of the bowl. The sugar will melt and aid in dissolving the sugar in the juices of your vegetables.

Lemon Juice

Depending on how much lemon juice you want in your formula, add some more or less lemon juice to your bowl of tea while it is cooling. If you want a really sour tasting drink, then add more lemon juice while it is piping hot but don’t let it sit for too long after heating up or else that sour taste will go away and you will be left with an acidic mess! Wait until afterwards to drink this concoction.

Add Some Herbs

Finally, add some herbs such as mint or basil if you want a fresher tasting drink. Herbs help cut through the sweetness of the sugar and give your mouth something else to focus on instead of being overwhelmed by all of that sugary goodness. Some people like having a different flavour every time they sip their tea, so adding different herbs can help with that!

Using Matcha Tea Face Mask

Once you have everything set up for making your own matcha tea face mask, it is time to enjoy yourself! Pour yourself a nice cup of coffee first, then put on your favourite slippers and robe (if you have one) and head out onto your patio or into your backyard if you have one for some peaceful relaxation time followed by sipping on your favourite kind of tea!

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