How to Matcha Tea Can upset Your stomach

How to Matcha Tea Can upset Your stomach

If you’ve ever been into green tea, then you might have heard of matcha. It is a type of green tea that is specially grown and harvested in the mountains of Japan. Harvesting of the tea happens before it gets fermented, which means that there is less lactose and fewer natural sugars than other kinds of teas. This makes matcha ideal for those with lactose intolerance, as well as those who want to cut out sugar from their diet.

Why is Matcha so Popular?

On its own, matcha isn’t too sweet, and has a very bitter after taste. However, when mixed with hot water, it tastes really refreshing and minty. Because of how quickly it goes through the bagasse (the name for the plantmatter that they remove before harvesting), it leaves no grit in your mouth after drinking it. Many people enjoy this feel in their mouth and love the way that it makes them feel.

Matcha is also incredibly healthy for you. One cup of matcha contains about 75 calories, most of which come from protein and dietary fiber. It also has Folic Acid, Iron, Calcium and Vitamin D, all essential for optimal health. What’s more is that each serving contains about 50% of the daily recommended value for all these nutrients, making it even healthier than regular old fashioned (or filtered) green tea.

What Can You Make With Matcha Tea?

If you have a recipe that calls for green tea or want to try making something purely because of how flavourful green tea can be, then swapping out some of the ingredients to make sure that it tastes right can lead to some interesting results. Here are a few things that you can make with matcha tea:

Matching Shades – If you want to wear matching sunglasses with your meal at home or give someone a surprise gift next time you see them wearing sunglasses, then giving them a bottle of Matcha Tea will set them apart from everyone else wearing normal glasses.

Hair Rinse – For people with colour treated hair, rinsing their hair with a cup or two of Matcha Tea can help restore some of the colour lost during washing. Depending on the kind of hair you have, this could be an excellent thing! Rainbow colours are just waiting to happen if you use this trick on a regular basis.

Teeth Whitening – Teeth whitening products aren’t too expensive these days and there are many guides out there on the internet on how to properly use teeth whiteners so that your teeth stay brightened up after using them. Combine this with your morning coffee or black tea and watch as your whites get brighter!

Scaling Walls – Using spray paint to scale up your non-matching walls is incredibly easy and looks great done by professionals as well. Cleanup times afterwards are super low compared to other methods of painting and you save money off-season instead of spending money every single month on new paint.

Cleaning Up Old Paint Tosses – Buying new paint every single month doesn’t make sense when only one colour needs to be used sometimes. When you run out of paint but have still got plenty left over after cleaning up your canvas with water (or milk if you drink milk), then throwing away what you don’t need is a great way to save money every single month while having fun doing it! Plus cleaning up old paint tosses eliminates the need for new containers in order to store away old paint etc., which helps save money long term as well-.

There are many more ways that you can make matches work for your household budget! Whether these ideas convince you or not remains to be seen however; saving money always comes first when dealing with an economy the size of yours).

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