How to Make Matcha Tea Zdraví

How to Make Matcha Tea Zdraví

Matcha is the ground up stem of the tea leaves that has been prepared in advance. Making matcha at home is quite easy, and can be a great way to get your daily dose of catechins, the antioxidants that protect us against diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The process of making matcha isn’t too complicated, and once you know how to do it, you will always have a fresh batch sitting around ready to be made. Make sure to read all the way to the end, because there are some good tips on how you can make matcha more often without having to go to a café every time you want a cup of tea.

What You Need

– Bowl or container to pour your Matcha into

– Water

– Salt (optional)

– Small bowl (optional) for whisking your Matcha

– Teapot or teakettle

– Whichever kind of tea you prefer, brewed with water that doesn’t exceed 80 Celsius

How to Make It at Home

Preparation Time: 5 minutes | Serves: 1 person

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

To begin making your own matcha tea, you will need a bowl or container to put your ingredients in, some water, a stovetop kettle and teaspoon, and any other accessories you might need. The most important thing is to have boiling hot water that doesn’t exceed 80 ̊Celsius. Any higher than this, and the chemicals in the tea can become damaged and unusable. minerals such as iron are present in hot water below 100 ̊Celsius, and can become harmful if too much is ingested. 便宜的话,80 ̊C 这个点是在生产设施上有重要性的。所以80 ̊C左右就OK了。如果你喜欢喝温开水,那么就不能直接倒入牛奶或者橄榄中间的水里面吧。这样会导致身体内部流出物死亡。 If you don’t want to drink hot water either because you are using it for cooking or doing dishes later on, then using cold tap water is just fine as well. Just make sure that when you are boiling the water that you turn off the heat before putting in your teabag or else you will have scalding hot tea.

Step 2: Put Your Teabag into Your Cup

Once you have all your ingredients gathered together, put one teabag (or handful) into your cup and close it with a lid or wooden stick. This step is pretty simple but is what makes the tea! Now leave it alone for about ten minutes until the green leafy stuff turns brownish colour. Don’t worry if some of the liquid drains out; it goes away eventually. After ten minutes have passed, open up your cup and prepare yourself for something amazing. You should notice an increase in energy right away! If not, leave it for another couple of minutes and then try again. Sometimes giving oneself enough time allowed for the full effects of the nutrients in the tea leaf to take place. How Long Will This Effect Last? Drinking matcha daily in order to get all its health benefits can sometimes be redundant depending on how long you want these benefits to last. However, drinking matchas multiple times per day will give you a better experience than drinking one large cup per day would give you. Going longer periods of time without drinking matcha can be detrimental to your health so remembering to drink it every few hours is recommended. Daytime activities usually won’t affect how long lasts this effect lasts so drinking after work should allow for sufficient time for these nutrients to work their magic! How Can I Make Matcha More Often? Making matcha every single day can prove to be quite cumbersome but doing it occasionally every once in a while isn’t too bad of an idea either! As was mentioned before, going out to lunch or dinner with friends is a great way to let off steam after a hard days work but finding ways to make post-work drinks at home can be quite valuable as well! Having friends over for drinks and talking about life is one of those things that everyone should try at least once!

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