How to Make Matcha Tea Quick and Easy

How to Make Matcha Tea Quick and Easy

Making matcha tea is quite easy but can be quite a hassle if you don’t have the right tools for it. Having the right tools for the job as well as having the knowledge to use them is part of the reason why many Matcha green tea lovers choose to own a Tea Maker Machine, so that they can easily make matcha tea at any time. Whether you just want to enjoy a nice cup of matcha tea and relax or you want to use matcha to achieve a goal (such as weight loss) then knowing how to make matcha tea quickly and easily is something that you might need in your life.

Here are a few things that I recommend when you want to make super quick and easymatcha tea:

AddOWSmooth to Your Tea

AddOWSmooth is a mix of natural flavourings and minerals that are found in water that comes from an artesian well. The stuff that is added to the water makes it taste good and add some extra nutrients to the water. If you don’t add anything into the water, then naturally occurring chemicals will be present that can interfere with the taste of the water. In short, natural mineral waters will have more dissolved oxygen and can produce better results when you decide to add some AddOWSto your teakettle.

Aerated Water

An aerator allows air into a container of liquid so that it can expand. This is important when you are making drinks such as teas, coffee, or juice boxes. Using an aerator on bottled waters will just make them come out tasting like plain old tap water.bottled-water-maker machines


A teakettle is an essential part of owning a Matcha green tea maker machine. Unless you have one of these machines on hand, then preparing your morning cup of tea could get pretty complicated and expensive. Buying an electric range isn’t cheap, but it makes preparing your morning cup of tea incredibly easy and accessible from every single place in your house.

Other Equipment Used In Making Matcha Tea

Other equipment used in making matcha tea include: scales, thermometers, cups, spoons and tweezers. Using these items doesn’t happen often, but when you do need to use them, being prepared is key. Having all of these pieces ready before you run out onto your lawn for your 4pm yoga class is key (lol). Using this equipment properly takes years off your life, but being educated on how to use it properly will give you years upon years off your life (and probably save us from performing an autopsy on one of our patients).

As you can see, there are quite a few things that go into making matcha tea quickly and easily. It takes time and learning how to make good matcha should be relatively easy compared to making other kinds of teas. Once you learn how to make matcha quickly and easily, then set up a regular routine where you have plenty of time before lunch or after dinner so that you can prepare yourself mentally for what will come next while also giving yourself enough time after drinking your daily dose of caffeine or sugar rumination ^_~

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