How to Make Matcha Tea Pregnating Your resize your own teas

How to Make Matcha Tea Pregnating Your resize your own teas

– Find a good place in your house to make your matcha tea

– Get yourself some nice, heavy tea leaves

– Water should be about 80 degrees Fahrenheit or so

– Start with a nice, strong cup of tea

– Let it cool for a few minutes

– Add the matcha and Stirrrr!

Pregnanting Your resize your own teas is quite easy and doesn’t take that long. The process is the same no matter what kind of teas you want to have prenanting. The only difference is how much you have to pay for them. With matcha teas being quite expensive, you don’t get to enjoy as much beforehand but once you do get pregnant with matcha tea, you will definitely enjoy it and be grateful that you can drink matcha tea while you are pregnant.

Find a good place in your house to make your matcha tea. In order to get the best results, you want to find a spot where there is good sunlight and little to no noise distractions. Keep in mind when you are searching that there might be hot spots around the stove or other hot appliances so that they don’t burn the furniture that they sit on. An outdoor patio would usually be a great place to make your matcha tea since there is lots of sunlight and little to no traffic passing by outside of the house. However, depending on where you live, making matches at home may not be allowed or convenient, so going into someone else’s house to make your matches is an option as well.

Get yourself some nice, heavy tea leaves. Depending on the kind of pot that you are using, you might need more leaves than others. Leave enough space between each leaf because their size can change based on the steepness that you choose to go with for each cup of tea that you make. Don’t worry too much about how it looks when you are done; just throwing away the leaves isn’t considered germination and can happen naturally due to water deprivation after harvesting. If you throw away all of the leaves, then you will have gone through plenty of cups of tea before getting rid of all of them 100% guaranteed.

Water should be about 80 degrees Fahrenheit or so. This depends on how hot your dishwasher is when it is washing dishes by hand. Using bottled water or drinking straight out of the faucet will result in less perceived heat than if you used filtered water. If you aren’t using filtered water, then using ice cubes will result in slightly colder drinks but won’t affect the outcome too much since we are mostly focusing on how it tastes here anyway.

Start with a nice strong cup of tea . Good quality control and starting with a high-quality piece will give better results than just throwing stuff together before destroying everything behind BABY GENESIS! HAHAHAAHAHAHA! No seriously though, if something seems off about the taste or smell of your tea (such as woody notes), then leaving out something until later can really ruin the whole experience for everybody involved Prepare some plates/bowls etcetera and add sugar/sweetener to taste like You want icedTea60 (Iced Tea With Lots Of Sugar). This step isn’t too important since we aren’t drinking directly from the teapot anyways but feel free to prepare any way ahead of time before drinking during these three weeks that you are TTC btw ntrd:) ). Stirrrr in Matcha Powder !!! Stiiiiiirrrrrrooooouuuuup  Yes SHAKE IT UP! Put some CDs on because let’s face it; thisstageof parenting involves A LOT OF WAITING around while everything gets prepared). Depending on how fast things are moving, having somethingto do while waiting can help pass the timeandavoidant behavior such as TwiddlingYourThumbToCatchTheNextBus Or SomeOtherFormOfInteractiveTelevisionBabadilla:) ). Steep For About 3 Minutes Then Take A Looksee How ItIsComingalong!! Don ‘ t Forget To recordA video Before You Throw Out The Leaves!!!!! MakeSureYouHaveAtLeastOneCup MoreToGoBeforeThe3WeekMark!!! Good JobSoFar!!!!!!!!! SUBSCRIBE TO MY YouTube CHANNEL FOR MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS!!!!!!! ============================================ Important note from DarkChocolateEvette: ============================================ Hi everyone! I know this video has been up for over a year now but I recently made another one like this for people who just found out they were pregnant and wanted advice on what month they should start drinking iced teas (which is what this video was originally intended for). I haven ‘ t updated this video in ages but figured I would post now since its nearing summertime and hopefully people will still find it useful in someway even if they don

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