How to Make Matcha Tea Mix

How to Make Matcha Tea Mix

Making matcha tea is quite simple, but there are many different ways that you can make matcha tea and get the same results. Whether you want to drink matcha to give yourself a caffeine boost or you want to have a cup of tea with your friends, knowing how to make matcha tea is essential. The way that you make matcha depends on what kind of matcha you buy. There are many different kinds of matchas out there, and some contain more nutrients than others. Knowing what ingredients are in your matcha can help you decide whether or not it will be worth drinking.

Start with Good Ingredients

The first thing that you need for your matcha is good ingredients. Without good ingredients, there won’t be any flavor ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and it will just be hot water. Some things that are good to add to your tea mix are honey, lemon juice, vanilla extract and sometimes even Sriracha! Depending on what kind of flavour you want to achieve, some options may vary, but generally speaking, these should be able to carry out the basic function of giving your tea some flavour.

Use the Right Proportions

After you have all of your ingredients assembled, then it is time to figure out how much powder should go into each cup of tea. This depends on how strong you want your tea to be, with most recipes calling for about half a teaspoon per cup of tea. However, if you accidentally forgot something when you were measuring out the powder, such as water, then it is recommended that you add more water to compensate for the lack of water in the Matcha blend.

If you decide that you need more Matcha in order for it to “brew” properly, then simply remove something! Don’t worry though, because it is very easy to replace things and get back on track. If you need less Matcha than that contained in most teas purchasing from the grocery store or making at home, then removing something will result in a weaker brew. Usually removing things results in a weaker flavour as well, so adding more flavouring should happen relatively often if someone decides that they don’t like certain flavours.

Use the Right TeasCups

After deciding how much powder goes into each cup of tea, it is time for me chose between using regular cups or fine teacups! This isn’t too important since most cups will hold around the same amount regardless of which one we use, but usually I would use fine teacups since they look better and are sturdier than using regular cups. Even though using fine teacup might mean slightly higher cost per drink compared to using regular cups., it will certainly look better and taste better because hygiene standards require that fine teacups only be used for fine drinks (such as wine).

As long as we are talking about looks-stylisticallyspeaking however, there isn’t too much difference between using fine teacups and wasting money by using high-class china plates instead of standard dishes. Either way, when it comes down to actually tasting the tea itself (which is arguably the most important part), then we can ignore all exterior factors and just focus on giving ourself a good drink.

Let Your Tea steep for Long enough

The last step is letting our drank steep for long enough! Depending on how strong your brewed tea was (remembering that weak brews mean less flavour?), then letting yours sit around for ten minutes should do the trick! Sometimes depending on how cold it is outside (freezing temperatures can affect steeping), then letting it sit around for longer might be necessary! Make sure that when you are waiting for your drink to cool down anyways, this lets its steep right away!

As shown above, making Matcha tea isn’t too difficult once you know how to start off with creating a basic recipe. There are many different ways that you can create fancy looking patterns while drinking your plain old green coffee beans however! Now let us move onto how we can put these together into interesting designs and patterns while we enjoy our hot drinks 🙂

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