How to Make Matcha Tea Jeddah Drink

How to Make Matcha Tea Jeddah Drink

Making Matcha Tea in Jeddah isn’t too challenging, and when you know how to do it, you will always have a fresh supply of sweet and healthy tea ready to drink. Whether you want to enjoy a nice cup of tea before bed, or you want to have something special for your dinner party, making matcha tea is sure to be a hit with everyone else in attendance.

Start with Good Ingredients

The first thing that you need before you start making matcha tea is access to good ingredients. For the most part, everything else depends on these initial ingredients. Go to your local market and find yourself some fresh ginger root, green tea and honeycomb combs. You can also use silk worms if you can get your hands on some but those can be quite expensive depending on the size of the worm.

Use the RightTea Bag

Your first thought might be “why does this matter?”, but trust me when I tell you that using the right tea bag can make or break your experience with making matcha tea in Jeddah. The key to brewing up a good cup of matcha is getting the water to steep properly. Doing this requires using the right kind of leafy green tea bag. If you don’t use the right kind of bag then your tea won’t taste as good, and that is just a fact that cannot be argued with.

Add Your Favorite Leaves

Once you have your gingerroot and green tea bags ready, it is time to add in some tasty leaves. Remembering that quality outweighs quantity when it comes to drinking matcha, don’t add too many leaves at once! Around three or four should do the trick for an average cup of tea. Adding too many leaves can lower the quality of the brew because there isn’t enough water left in the bowl for all of those leaves. Wait until the water has finished boiling before adding in any more leaves so that they can expand and create flavor!

Let Them Steep for a While

Once you have added all of your delicious leaves to your container of hot (but not boiling) water, leave them alone for around five minutes while they soak up all of the goodness inside. During this time, feel free to move around a little bit; shake up the container every once in a while is fine but don’t worry about getting dirty during this process. After five minutes, move the leaves into an area where they are out of sight but still accessible by pouring yourself a small cup from above or removing some plants that are hiding the cups. Then leave them alone again for another three minutes while they steep further away from sunlight and reach their peak flavor potential.

Remove The Tea Bag Before Drinking

At this point we are almost done with making matcha tea in Jeddah! Now it is time to remove the pesky bag that was stuck between our teeth during brewing! Withdrawing attention to yourself while drinking matcha is pretty hard though, so finding a way to do it without anyone noticing should be relatively easy. Either untie or cut offthe string that holds the bag open at whatever position it is at throughout production/storage phase and pop it out through your mouth (don’t worry about spitting it out; it washes down easily enough). Then sip on your delicious beverage while holding onto the bag weirdly between your teeth until you finish drinking it all down!

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