How to Make Matcha Tea in United States

How to Make Matcha Tea in United States

Making matcha tea is quite easy, but sometimes it can be hard to find the ingredients that you need to make it. However, once you get the ingredients, making matcha tea is surprisingly easy and simple to do. The process of making matcha tea is similar to many other types of teas, such as black and white tea, because they all come from the same plant species, Camellia Sinesis.

The process of making matcha tea is as follows:

1.Gather Your Materials

To start off the process of making matcha tea in United States, you are going to need some fresh green tea leaves and a bowl or container to steep the leaves in. If you have a traditional Japanese tea ceremony setup, then you can use that, if you don’t have a set up for your drinks then you can use any large bowl or container to steep your leaves in. Make sure that it has a lid that fits on top of it so that the sunlight doesn’t ruin the taste of your tea.

2.Add Water

Once you have your materials gathered, add water to said materials so that the water covers at least one third of the green tea leaves. Let the water heat up until it starts boiling; this is known as blanching the leaves. Once the water starts boiling, remove from heat and let it sit for about ten minutes. This ten minute period is called brewing time; allow plenty of time for this step because if you don’t leave it alone, then your drink won’t taste right.

3.Strain Out Leaves

After ten minutes have passed, strain out all of the leaves that were accumulated in your bowl or container using a sieve or mesh screen. Don’t throw away these screens; they can be used again after cleaning them up a little bit with soap and hot water. If you want to save money, then just using a spoon to remove all of the leaves works just fine too. You should now have a clear liquid left over; this is what we will be using for our matcha tea recipe later on down below.

4.Use Fresh Leaves Every Time

Replacing old dried up leaf bags with new fresh leaf bags every so often is how you guarantee that your coffee tastes good every single time. Getting fresh green tea leaves every time you brew coffee is pretty hard though, especially if you don’t have access to fresh green grass everyday 🙁 . The best way to ensure that your coffee tastes good is by regularly changing out your bag designs and flavours and getting new ideas every single day for how you want your coffee prepared.

5._ Matcha Tea _

Now that we have all of our equipment gathered together and ready to go, we can finally get on with making our matcha tea! Add about three quarters (three fourths) cup-fulls worth of hot water into your blender bottle (or large bowl if using a traditional Japanese teakettle). Once everything is steamy and warm, add in two teaspoons worth of groundmatcha powder and give it a few stirs with a wooden spoon (this step isn’t necessary but it does make drinking easier). Now close everything tightly with a lid (or switch to drinking mode) and wait five minutes before drinking anything else! During this five minute period, whatever liquids are left in there will become very hot but shouldn’t burn anyone unless they leave their device open overnight while they are on camping trips (drink carefully children). After five minutes has passed, open up whatever beverage you are trying to make and enjoy!

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