How to Make Matcha Tea from scratch

How to Make Matcha Tea from scratch

Making your own matcha is quite easy, and can be a much better quality than the pre-made options that you find at tea shops. Whether you want to save money, or have something special to drink on a daily basis, making your own matcha is the best option. With just a little bit of preparation, you can have an abundance of tea in just about any colour that you want.

Start with a Good Plan

The first thing that you need before you start making your own matcha is a good plan of how you want to make your matcha. There are many different ways that you can make matcha, so choose whatever method works best for you. Some people prefer unflavored while others might like to add some flavour to their tea, or maybe you want to combine the two? Whatever your reason for needing to make your own matchas may be, there is surely a way to make it happen.

Once you have decided on a method to make your matcha, then it is time to move on to figuring out what ingredients we are going into before we get started. Here are a few things that we will need before we get started:


Now that we know what needs to be done before we get started, it is time for us to figure out the ingredients that we are going to use. The amount of ingredients that you need for this recipe varies depending on how strong you want your tea and how many people you are serving. For an average cup of tea, use around ten grams of Matcha green tea and twenty mLs (two tablespoons) of water per person. That should do the trick for most people. If you want an extra strong cup of tea, use more water and/or more Matcha. Always remember to keep track of YOUR ingre

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