How to Make Matcha Tea from Japan

How to Make Matcha Tea from Japan

Chances are that you already drink matcha tea, or at least have some familiarity with the concept. Matcha is a kind of green tea that is grown and consumed from Japan. It isiqueness comes from being blended with slivered or sliced almonds and is usually only available in Japanese restaurants or grocery stores near you. Anyway you can get it, make sure you try out the delicious and rejuvenating Properties of Matcha Tea for a healthy dose of energy.

Start with Water

To start your day off right, drinking some matcha tea is essential. It starts off your day energized and gives you lots of extra nutrients to wake up and be happy. Drinking water before trying matcha might seem like a bad idea since it will dilute the flavor of your tea, but it does not affect the effectiveness of using matcha.

Measure Liquids

Measure out how much water you want to use, then measure out the amount of matcha that you need. For example, if you want to make a cup of tea that has half-n-half amounts, then put in 2 teaspoons of matcha for every two cups of water. (Half n half is roughly 50% juice)

Bring Me The Items!

Once you have all of your measurements figured out, it is time to go shopping! Depending on what type of foods you like to put in your stomach, may differ for each person, but generally speaking, you will bring:

A normal container to store your food in (such as a large bowl or jar)

Something to transport your food in (such as Tupperware)

Some materials to close off the container if it isn’t airtight (such as plastic wrap)

An oven mitt for when you are putting the containers in and taking them out

Now that you have everything prepped, let’s cook some Matcha Tea!

Start with Fresh Ingredients

Fresh ingredients are key when you are making any meal really good. Even though matcha comes prepackaged with some things (like dried fruits), fresh fruits and vegetables taste so much better than frozen vegetables or fruit thawed out at room temperature. If you don’t have access to fresh ingredients, then prepping ahead will help tremendously when you are creating dinners based around this healthy beverage.

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