How to Make Matcha Tea ceremonial Grade 5K Green Tea

How to Make Matcha Tea ceremonial Grade 5K Green Tea

If you’ve ever been to Japan, then you might have had some matcha tea. It is a ceremonial green tea that is treated very specially and has many different benefits for the body, but does require some preparation before consuming it. Before we get into how to make Matcha Tea ceremonial Grade 5K Green Tea, we must first learn about the process of making this special kind of tea.

The process of making matcha tea is very similar to how you would make any other kind of tea. However, in order to enhance the flavour, we must add something to enhance the taste of the tea. This something is traditionally ground up green teas, called matcha. However, if you can’t find any green teas that are high quality enough to grind up and add to your drink, then you can simply use powder instead of going through the process of grinding up green teas.

In order to make matcha tea, you first need to get some ceremonial grade 5K green tea (or regular 5K green tea if you don’t have access to ceremonial grade). 5K refers to the class of green teas that they are from; five classes higher than regular grades of green teas. The reason for having a higher number than usual is because a higher class generally means a healthier option and will go further before becoming waste matter for disposal.

Once you have your 5K green or regular green tea, then what you do is boil it up until it becomes a bright yellow colour. Once it is done boiling, shut off the heat source and let it sit for about ten minutes. During this time period, the nutrients will be extracted from the leaves and will become fruity flavours inside of your mouth. After ten minutes, turn on the heat again until it reaches near boiling point and continue with the infusion process. Make sure that you are using a high-quality filter such as a gold filter because low-quality filters will lead to an awful lot of clogged pipes throughout your house if you decide to Brewing Matcha Tea Cermical Grade 5K Green Tea yourself.

The last step in making Matcha Tea ceremonial Grade 5K Green Tea is buying some items that compliment the flavourings that you used in your drink. These items can include sweeteners, flavouring oils, and sometimes even salts depending on what flavourings you used in your beverage. You can also add milk or water during this time period depending on how thick you want your final product to be. Once everything is set up nicely for your drinking pleasure, then pull out those favourite cups and enjoy!

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