How to Make Matcha Tea Boba from scratch

How to Make Matcha Tea Boba from scratch

Matcha is a very expensive tea, that most people can’t afford to drink on a daily basis. However, it is very healthy and can definitely be used as a treat, instead of having cake or other desserts every once in a while. There are many different ways that you can make matcha tea boba, but the easiest way is by using store bought boba pearls.

Start with the basics

Before you get to making any kind of tea, you need to start with the basics. Knowing how to make a good cup of tea is just like learning how to make coffee, if you’ve ever been around the coffee drinking community. You take your water, give it a little bit of heat and then add your flavourings. For matcha tea boba, your basic flavourings would be some sweetener and lemon juice or honey. Once you have those two ingredients combined with boiling water, you will get a nice thick cup of tea that tastes great.

For this recipe, we will be using honey as our sweetener and lemon juice for our flavourings. If you haven’t already, peel your lemon before getting started on this recipe. You want to get as much of the yellow pigment as possible out of it. This will help enhance the taste of your matcha tea boba greatly.

Make a basic infused honey solution

In order to make a basic infused honey solution, we first need to create a solution that has everything that we need in it. Water is obviously going to be needed, along with some sugar and flavoring agent. Make sure that all of these are combined together in an amount that you think will taste good. Some sugars won’t taste as good mixed with some liquids, so feel free to experiment until you find something that you like best!

Once you have your honey mixture prepared, its time to move on to actually infusing the sugar into the water! This part can seem relatively complicated at first glance, but it isn’t too difficult once you get started. Pour about half of your water into a bowl or larger glass then add in about half of your honey mixture into the bowl or glass and stir gently until all of the sugar has dissolved (about 2-3 minutes). Now back away from the bowl for a couple moments and look at what colour your mixture has become. If you want it darker, add more black ink into the mix (like from dried squid), if you want it lighter add more water into the mix (like from juicing lemons). Once you have added enough liquid onto the sugar to achieve the colour that you want, remove all traces of air bubbles by strapping on some rubber gloves and stirring really well for about five minutes (you should see lots of tiny air bubbles come out!). After five minutes has passed, stop stirring completely and put your infusions away for later use.

Making Matcha Tea Boba Today

To make matcha tea boba today, simply follow all of the previous steps except for adding fresh lemon juice when you are pouring out your water for steaming purposes. Instead of putting away your finished product after five minutes has passed since last time adding more water, put it into an infusion device and leave it there overnight (or at least six hours). Doing this step multiple times over the course not only days but also weeks will allow your body enough time to properly assimilate everything that was put into it during those infusions.

After leaving your matcha tea boba alone for long enough time period, throwaway what ever comes out after removing air bubbles and strained off any excess flavoring agents or liquids that may be left in there (such as pulp) . What is left should be clear green matcha powder! Store this powder away safely because once its gone its gone forever! You can use this powder not only for making future batches of matcha tea buba but also for trying new things out using regular table salt as a substitute for white vinegar!

As you can see; Making Matcha Tea Boba isn’t too difficult once you get started! With just a little bit of basic knowledge about how things work behind kitchen doors, You can prove everyone wrong when they call Matcha “expensive”Tea!

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