How to Make Matcha Tea at Home

How to Make Matcha Tea at Home

Making Matcha tea at home is surprisingly easy and quite enjoyable, especially if you love the taste of tea and want to try something new. If you are a tea lover and enjoy drinking matcha, then you might have heard about how good matcha can be for you. Making matcha tea at home can be just the thing that you need to get the nutrients that your body needs, and can lead to a healthier life.

To start off making your own Matcha tea at home, all you need is hot water, some milk, sugar and a few teaspoons of matcha powder. Depending on how much milk you use, it can also taste great with lemon or lime juice added. Or maybe some honey would make it better? You decide; there are many different ways that you can add sweetness to your Matcha tea.

Start by boiling your water in the kettle. Once the water is boiling, remove it from the heat and add in your matcha powder. Stirring constantly will result in a more vibrant colour outcome in your tea. Once your water has come to room temperature, add back in some milk and continue to stir until it is well-blended with no lumps. You could always leave those lumps alone; they are what give Matcha its thickness and flavour.

You could always drink your Matcha straight from the bowl, but I recommend transferring it to a cup once it has settled. It may be hard to see the bottom of the bowl when you are pouring the mixture, so don’t worry too much about that. Now here is where things get fun! Have some honey or sugar ready to go on top of your cup o’jojo (or plain old table sugar)

Take a spoonful of matcha and slowly drizzle the honey or sugar onto the top of your cup o’jojos while stirring gently. Make sure to keep an eye on them so they don’t burn; burnt jojos aren’t fun at all. If you accidentally put too much honey or sugar on top of your cup o’jojos, simply take out some with a spoon and place it onto another dish while stirring gently until everything comes back together into one nice smooth mixture. That’s basically all there is to it; super easy and very tasty!

As you can see, making Matcha Tea at home isn’t too difficult nor does it require many ingredients. For people who like drinking iced beverages every now and again, this method can be extremely useful as well as save money long term. If you enjoy drinking iced coffee or iced tea on a semi-regular basis, then this method could save you lots of money by not having to buy meals or drinks outside of your house anymore! Definitely make sure to drink plenty of fluids before starting this diet/workout regimen; You’ll need it!

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