How to Make Matcha Tea at Home

How to Make Matcha Tea at Home

Making and drinking matcha tea at home is quite simple, but can be quite a bit of work if you don’t do it the right way. There are many bad rumors about matcha that aren’t true, but that doesn’t stop people from not wanting to drink matcha because they fear that it won’t be as strong or as good as regular old fashioned tea. Or maybe they just want to enjoy a nice cup of tea in the comfort of their own home. No matter what your reasoning for choosing to make or drink matcha tea, here are a few tips that we have found can help you get the most out of your matcha experience.

Start with Fresh Ingredients

Whether you buy your matcha from a store or order it online, making sure that you start with fresh ingredients is essential when you want to create a good cup of tea. If you put rotten stuff into your body, then you will get sick, and that kind of sickness can ruin your day. If you go around buying into all of the rumors about matcha and decide that you don’t want to drink it because of those myths, then you should be fine to just go with regular old fashioned tea instead. However, if you truly want to enjoy drinking matcha, then buying fresh ingredients is the best thing that you can do so that it tastes good and you don’t regret drinking it.

Blend Your Matcha Tea at Home

When you buy your matcha at the store, they usually will give you a bag with a filter on it. This is so that you can easily pour out the correct amount of water when you are using the mixers that they give you. When you get home, simply pull the filter off of the plastic baggie and throw away the plastic baggie. Now You have an open container to put your freshly mixed up matcha in!

To make our Matcha Tea at home, we use a blender (optional). Simply throwing all of your ingredients into a blender and hitting pulse until everything is mixed together isn’t too difficult compared to some other things that we do around here at Just Green Stuff. This process isn’t too harsh on the machinery either- our blenders are probably going to be used every single day for years to come, so replacing them isn’t high on our priority list right now. However, if we ever get an expensive blender like this one , then we will likely replace our current one with it:

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