How to Make Matcha Tea

How to Make Matcha Tea

Making and drinking matcha tea is a fun process that everyone can participate in. The end result will be something that you can drink, and hopefully enjoy, every day. Before we get into how to make matcha tea, we must first learn about the process. Then we can learn how to make the best of it and finally get to drinking some delicious tea.

The Process

Making Matcha Tea is quite simple, but doing it the traditional way (by hand) takes a lot of time and patience. Thanks to devices like chopsticks and whisks, making matchas now a days isn’t too difficult. Let’s dive into the process of how to make matcha tea.

Boil Water

To start off the process of making matcha tea, you need to boil water. Boiling the water destroys any diseases or bugs that might be in there, and also kills any bacteria that might be present on your water source. Leftover bugs from boiling water are called steamers and they can cause damage to your food if they touch it. So make sure not to leave any water spots where you can accidentally touch them when you are done cooking your meal.

Measure Out Your Ingredients

Once your water is boiling, it is time to measure out your other ingredients for your matcha tea. In Japan, most restaurants use roughly 20 grams of powder for each cup of Matcha Tea that they serve up customers. This number is largely depending on whether or not you want your tea sweetened. If you want your tea sweetened, then increase the amount used by about 50%. Now that we have our measurements down, it is time to get started!

Dissolve the Ingredients in Hot Water

Stirring the powder in hot water will cause all of the ingredients to quickly combine together and form a thick solution known assuspension . Don’t worry though, after this point everything will become clear again and become mixed in with your next batch of drinks!

If You Want Your Tea Sweetened…

…then go ahead and add in some sugar or honey until you reach the desired sweetness level. Some people like their tea very sweet, so add more sweetener until you find what tastes good to you! After adding in some sugar or honey, stir once more to ensure that everything is well combined. You can also top off your glass with ice cold water if you want something colder than usual for yourself (I usually do this). Remembering to keep things well mixed is important; if you forget about it for even a few minutes, then bad things can happen especially since home-made matches aren’t always easily accessible.

As you begin using more spice/tea leaves etc., instead of buying new teabags etc., remember to let friends know what kind of teas you like/dislike so they may choose similar styles which they may also enjoy drinking!

As promised here are some pictures showing how I make my homemade matches:

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