How to Find and Use Matcha Tea in Japanese Restaurants

How to Find and Use Matcha Tea in Japanese Restaurants

When you are searching for a good tea, whether that tea is matcha or any other kind, you can use the same techniques to find and use that tea in a Japanese restaurant. There are many different kinds of teas that people enjoy, and some people don’t like using anything besides black tea when they are eating and drinking tea. Whatever your case may be, there is still a way that you can get the best results when you are searching for something amazing to drink.

Start with the Basics

Starting with the basics will give you a good idea of what kind of restaurants offer upmatcha and how to find them. Most places have at least one thing on the menu that you can order with matcha, or at least can ask the waiter or waitress if they have any recommendations on what you might like to order with matcha.

After you have ordered your regular breakfast items, look around at the menu again and see if you can find anything else that uses matcha. You might not think that ordering dessert after breakfast is important, but then again, sometimes we don’t think about everything that we should before we order something. If you want to order the highest quality matcha, then going into dessert seems like a great way to do it. Or if all of the desserts are made with matcha, then going after dinner is a great time to order some more matcha goodies. You get the idea; look around at what things are being served and see if you can find anything made with matcha.

Go Further

If your quest for high quality matches continues, then going further into exploring your options is exactly what you should do. Even if something is considered a “premium” item on the menu, there is most likely a cheaper version of it that you can buy. For example:aye-no-sake (green tea) > Matcha (high quality) > conventional green tea (lower quality) > oolong (chest higher quality) This basic hierarchy of flavours works well when comparing different types of teas. The higher up in flavourings that something is, the more expensive it usually is. But sometimes reaching past your initial thoughts on food items can lead to great things discoveries later on in life.

As you get used to drinking matcha, try making requests for it instead of ordering it from restaurants or having it as an extra plain water bottle in your fridge. Asking someone at home for their recommendation on what beer to have night after watching beers growups guide will get better results than asking someone at a restaurant for their recommendation on what beer would be best had with their meal.

Lastly, keep an open mind when drinking matcha afloat in sea salt or mineral water opinions vary greatly depending on the person so always make sure to keep an open mind when drinking this

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