How to Enjoy Matcha Tea at Night

How to Enjoy Matcha Tea at Night

If you enjoy drinking matcha tea, then you might have heard about how evening matches are made. Well, now you can enjoy the process of making matcha tea at night and get a good dose of caffeine and antioxidants to energize you for your night time activities. It isn’t too often that you can enjoy something and learn about it at the same time, but I promise you that if you give this a try, you will have success in learning how to make matcha tea at night and be able to enjoy your favorite tea time activity even more.

What You Need

To begin the process of making matcha green tea, you are going to need some basic materials that are easy to come by. If you don’t have any tools though, then this process is going to be incredibly difficult and may not work out for you. Without proper tools, it is almost impossible to get a good strong mix between water,earth,and air. However, with just a little bit of preparation, this process can be quite easy and enjoyable.


A jug or bowl that fits under your tap

A funnel (if using a jar)

A cup or mug (for every person in your family, depending on how many people are drinking the tea)

A small bowl for mixing water with sand or sea salt (optional)


A pencil or pen (if drawing out the designs on the jug) A ruler (if measuring ingredients) An X-acto knife (to cut open the bag)

Now that we have all of our materials prepared, we can move onto actually making the matcha green tea. Make sure to turn off the main water supply before starting on this step otherwise you might end up with an overflowing toilet and/or sink!

Once all of the water has been mixed together in your jug or bowl, add in some sea salt and mix well. Then add in your green teas and mix well once more. Make sure that everything is well-mixed before proceeding to the next step. Once everything is well-mixed, set up a small timer for one hour and proceed to Step 5.

Step 5: During The One Hour Time Limit That You Set For Yourself In Step 4, Stir Your Tea Every So Often (Depending On How Strong You Want Your Tea). Don’t Let It Sit Long Enough To Cloud Up The Water Too Much; A Few Minutes Are All Right But Longer Than That And It Begins To Taste Bad. After an Hour Has Passed, Then You Can Leave Your Teakettle Off Angry Or Furiously Stirring Because That’s How Long It Takes For The Green Teas To Infuse With Each Other. Trusting Something This Important To Just Sitting Around Is Always Risky But It Usually Works Out In The End . If You Have No Tools Or Device To Stire Your Teas With, Then Just Using A Spoon Will Do The Trick .

Step 6: After An Hour Has Passed In Steps 4 Or 5, Remove The Jug From Heat Or Put In Some Cold Water To Stop The Cooking Cycle And Let Everything Separate Out Into Their Own Liquids. This Process Is Usually Complete By About Three Hours After Cooking But Can Take Up To Five Hours Depending On How Hot Your Kitchen Temperature Is When You Are Cooking The Tea AND What Kind Of Teakettles You Use]. Once They Have Separated Enough For You To Drink Them cooled down , remove the lid from your teakettle and allow the liquids to settle themselves into their own containers. Swirl them around a bit so that all of the oils reach their own layer and stop separating out into liquids again. Now that everything has settled itself enough that you can drink it without having to stir constantly while you are cooking it, remove the lid from your teakettle once more and allow yourself a nice hot cup of Matcha Green Tea!

As you can see, there are quite a few things going on here! Making matcha green tea isn’t too difficult once you know how to do it and after learning how to make it yourself, you can start trading recipes with friends! If camping is coming up sometime soon, then this is also a great way to ensure that there are plenty of things available when food gets low or everyone wants something different from what you cooked that day! Either way, happy brewing!

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