How to Creates Your Own Outdoor Coffee Table

How to Creates Your Own Outdoor Coffee Table

If you are a big fan of outdoor furniture, then you might have ideas for some new and innovative outdoor coffee table that you can use. There are many different kinds of coffee tables out there, and you might think that the one that you own is the best, but in fact, it isn’t. Many times when building a new outdoor furniture piece, the previous owner didn’t even bother to put in any padding or cushions, they just laid the thing out on top of the existing wood surface and called it “that” type of table. This isn’t how a good outdoor coffee table works. A good outdoor coffee table will lay across an area that is perfectly flat and look like everything else in the room but still be able to connect with the outside world by not looking like an impossibility.

Here is an example of a traditional outdoor coffee table without any padding or cushioning. The seat sits within hard plastic voids that are located between the legs. These voids aren’t required but can make it easier if someone happening by happens and doesn’t grab on to the table and fall over because there isn’t too much pressure standing up between each corner.

There are many different kinds of things that can be done with an outdoor coffee table, however, they all require more space than an average home has access to. If you are large enough to enjoy enjoying nature around your house, then sitting outsideeating meals at night may not be such a great idea either. You will want to have plenty of room for everyone to sit comfortably, as well as have plenty of space for cars or trucks to crash into your chair or sofa when they do so? That is where having a pool noodle TABLE (or bench) comes in handy.

Cut the Text

The first thing that you need to do is cut off all of the text on the pool noodle Table. The text will turn into something fairly small and easy to read:

This will look really small and cute! And also cheap! Just take your money off! Don’t worry about someone accidentally reading through all of this junk! After you have cut the text off of the pool noodle Table, it is time to add some decorations:

Now this looks pretty cool:

This looks terrible:

And finally this looks great:

After adding all of the decorations, it is time for some food! This kind of looks great:

This tastes pretty awesome:

Now we are done with decorating our new outdoor coffee table! Hope it inspired you enough to get one made for your home! Let us know what things we could’ve improved by review-making our product better:

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